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Mob politics rocks HK

(China Daily) Updated: 2014-11-20 07:52

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Irrational , illegal acts should stop

There are some people, even some powers from foreign countries, behind the "Occupy Central" activities, providing support and resources. It is a dictatorship of democracy to fight for democracy at the cost of law and order. I cannot accept that young students are being used as a tool by the people behind them to tear apart Hong Kong society and thwart Hong Kong's development. I believe there are still opportunities for dialogue between the student union and the government. The deadlock now does neither side any good.

Rita Fan, member of the Standing Committee of National People's Congress, Nov 18

For the uncertain, dreamed, take-for-granted and imponderable future, the "Occupy Central" protesters have exacted a real, existing, certain and ponderable price. This seems not the way capitalist Hong Kong people should behave. "Occupy Central" has its balance sheet. If it continues, the cost will dwarf its benefits. The debit side is building up rapidly with each passing day until no one will dare to promise the campaign's benefits will cover its costs. Then the protest will lose its rationality completely. Their irrational and illegal struggle for rights harms the whole society and is against the overall trend of the times which emphasizes law and order.

Wen Yang, a Beijing-based scholar, from his article published on, Nov 19

Hong Kong residents are law-abiding citizens. Hong Kong society is a rule-of-law society. The "Occupy Central" protesters are apparently violating the law in Hong Kong, as they are against political reform in Hong Kong. They have already clearly expressed their opinions on the general election of Hong Kong in 2017. I do not think they have any reasons to justify their infringements on the laws.

Leung Chun-ying, Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Nov 18

The process of realizing democracy is a progressive evolution, rather than a once-for-all "revolution". This is true not only for China, but also for Western countries. The "Occupy Central" protesters should regain their senses, respect the practical conditions and stop all illegal actions. Otherwise, what has been accumulated over the past century through Hong Kong people's hard work will be gone, together with Hong Kong's stability and prosperity and Hong Kong's values that have been passed down as a historical legacy., Nov 18


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