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China's security cooperation with neighbors necessary for regional stability

By Li Yang ( Updated: 2014-11-17 16:46

China should not only pay attention to economic cooperation and trade with neighboring countries, but also security cooperation, says an article in the 21st Century Business Herald. Excerpts:

Some people say the economy of East Asia depends on China, while its security is on the United States. The US’“pivot to Asia” exposed China’s weakness in security cooperation with its neighbors.

Peace and stability are important reasons why East Asia has been the most prosperous region in the world in the recent years. Yet, there are still many uncertainties in economic recovery and regional security in East Asia. The East Asian countries and regions should form an interest community, a responsibility community and a fate community to overcome these uncertainties and difficulties.

That’s why Chinese Premier Li Keqiang stressed at the 9th East Asia Summit in Naypyidaw, Myanmar, last weekend that East Asia should balance the two wheels of economic development and political security to face up to global challenges.

China is making efforts, with tens of billions of US dollars’in loans, to make economic development as a main theme of the region, in case foreign powers instigate conflicts in the region.

Meanwhile, China is negotiating with the Southeast Asian countries to sign cooperation agreements to set up an institutional and legal framework for long-term peaceful co-existence.

Next year, China will also host informal meetings of defense ministers from China and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations members to talk about establishing a China-ASEAN defense hotline and strengthen security cooperation.

China is making up its weakness in security cooperation with its neighbors. A more balanced cooperation in both economy and security can better guarantee regional prosperity and stability.

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