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No leniency for terrorists

(China Daily) Updated: 2014-08-04 07:33

By committing cruel, bloody crimes and launching hateful attacks against innocent civilians, the terrorists have aroused the anger of all ethnic groups that call the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region their home. The Xinjiang Islamic Association issued a open letter to all Muslims in the region, saying that violent terrorism is neither an ethnical nor a religious issue, but a crime against humanity that needs to be cracked down on without any compromise., Aug 2

The attack has brought severe losses to the lives and property of all ethnic groups in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region. The crimes of the terrorists include riots against government offices, the killing of innocent people and threatening national security; for all these unforgivable evil deeds, they will be punished by the law.

Xinjiang Daily, Aug 3

How could terrorists kill an old man who is over 70, if they have any humanity left? They are threatening both ordinary residents and Muslims. The murder of Imam Jume Tahir sends a clear warning that the terrorists will show no mercy even to those who share their beliefs and belong to the same ethnic group. They will kill anyone who does not support their crimes. They take good people who try to stop them as enemies., Aug 2

The fact that terrorists launch frequent attacks shows they are desperate and trying to rally attention. Recently they have carefully selected targets that can attract the most attention, because they hope to spread panic and gain support. However, their efforts will be in vain because their evil intentions are already clearly recognized by all.

People's Daily, July 31

Violent terrorists claim they are acting in the name of religion but what they do is trample over all justice and the doctrines of any religion. This time they decided to remove a religious obstacle so they attacked a religious leader to disturb the festival. They are challenging the shared bottom line of human civilization and no state will ever tolerate it.

xinhuanet, Aug 1

(China Daily 08/04/2014 page8)

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