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UK's report on human rights a farce

(China Daily) Updated: 2014-04-18 07:13

The British government has indulged itself in political farce again by making biased and irresponsible remarks to blemish China's human rights record.

In its latest annual report on human rights, it disregards its own flawed human rights record and listed China as one of 28 "countries of concern".

The report selectively ignores the real and continuous human rights progress made in China, which is obvious to any person without prejudice.

As a developing country, China has been improving its human rights situation, including improving people's livelihoods, eliminating poverty, upholding the rule of law, and investment in cultural and economic projects in ethnically inhabited areas, among others.

Chinese people of various ethnic groups enjoy fundamental rights conferred by the country's Constitution according to the law, and the level at which they enjoy these rights has risen significantly.

In the past year, the Chinese authorities have moved to ensure justice and transparency by introducing measures to correct and prevent wrong verdicts and making judgment documents and court proceedings accessible online.

New rules for the better management of petitions were also released to prohibit putting petitioners under any form of confinement.

Promoting the protection of human rights for Chinese people and allowing every citizen to live with dignity is a core target of China's reform and opening-up efforts.

Most of the countries listed in the report are developing countries.

Why doesn't the report highlight some Western countries, including Britain itself, that have violated human rights?

The British government has simply turned the report into an ideological political show.

Instead of squandering time and taxpayers' money on pointing fingers at other countries, the British government should sweep its own doorstep instead.

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