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Building on the bottom line

By Li Jingtian (China Daily) Updated: 2013-07-01 08:45

China and US should respect each other's core interests as they seek to build new type of relationship between powers

China and the US are now at a critical juncture in the development of their relations. The recent strategic and historic meeting between President Xi Jinping and President Barack Obama sets a direction for building a new type of major power relationship. Such a relationship is an unprecedented invention with historic significance. It requires painstaking efforts in all aspects from both countries.

The two countries' international status and influence determine that their relationship is one of the world's most important bilateral relationships, and it is of special significance to global affairs. A sound and sustained development of this relationship not only matters for the interests of the two peoples, but also has a significant impact on world peace, stability and prosperity.

First, as the world's two most important drivers of the global economy, China and the United States have an intertwined interest and are increasingly interdependent. From addressing international and regional hotspot issues to coping with global challenges, and from boosting domestic economic and social development to promoting the global economic recovery, the two countries share extensive common interests and so have broad space for cooperation.

We also need to keep working together in traditional areas such as economy and trade, energy, environmental protection and culture, seek cooperation in new areas such as cyber security and global governance, and strengthen our communication and coordination on international and regional issues, such as the situation on the Korean Peninsula, the Iranian nuclear issue and Syria. With these efforts we will be able to further expand our common interests.

Second, our common interests and challenges determine that only by peacefully coexisting can we work together to bring mutual benefit and opportunities. In contrast, confrontation can only do otherwise. This is why China always adheres to the principles of peace, development and cooperation and seeks a win-win situation through tolerance and mutual learning.

As the two countries have different conditions, it is impossible for us to agree on everything or share common interests in all aspects. So both countries need equality and mutual understanding. We can strengthen policy coordination and consider each other's interests and concerns, and avoid blaming each other for each other's own problems and contradictions in the development process, in this way we can achieve common prosperity and balanced development.

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