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Businesses reflect their owners

(China Daily) Updated: 2012-07-17 08:04

Comment on "No longer just a cog in the machine" (China Daily, July 9)

In order to excel in the industry, a manufacturer must focus on producing its own indigenous products, not only copy others. The necessity for a successful indigenous product is the "trade secrets" that distinguish it from its competitors and make it outstanding.

Trade secrets combined with established distribution chains, comprehensive marketing strategies that include total customer satisfaction, and after-sales services are the key to success.

Even if a product can seemingly sell on its own, continuous efforts must be invested in marketing to preserve market share, the research and engineering teams to continue enhancing the products quality, and an innovation and resources team to hold together and push forward the entire corporation strategically.

Quality is key to a company's success and it cannot be compromised if a company wants to have a dominant market share. The manner in which a business evolves reflects the philosophy of its owners.

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