Pingtan holds sixth 'Common Homeland' Forum

The sixth "Common Homeland" Forum was convened in the Pingtan Comprehensive Pilot Zone in Fujian province on June 19.

Snacks to try at the Pingtan Cross-Straits Food Fiesta

A food fiesta serving up 50 unique delicacies from Pingtan and Taiwan is being held in Aoqian Taiwan Town in Pingtan, Fujian province from June 17 to 20.

2017 Pingtan international cycling race kicks off

The highly anticipated 2017 Ocean Cup China (Pingtan) International Cycling Tournament took place in Pingtan, Fujian province on June 11.

Romantic Pingtan

A handful of locales in Pingtan were listed as perfect dating sites by the local news website A set of pictures capturing the beauty of these scenic sites explains why they made the list.