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Pingtan to promote new parks

( chinadaily.com.cn )

Updated: 2015-05-21

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The Pingtan Comprehensive Pilot Zone plans new ocean theme parks featuring its local culture, ptnet.cn reports.

There will be eight new parks, and two old parks will be renovated. Authorities will select best design plans out of 60 proposals by 15 design agencies, said Zheng Zhengguang, an official with the local construction bureau.

The ten parks will be significant for Pingtan’s overall image. Authorities said they will give much thought to the cultural history of the parks’ location as well as conservation measures. It will also solicit opinions from the public.


The eight new parks are Niuzhaishan Park, Shiba Village Park, Central Park, Tiandashan Park, Minfengshan Park, Liuqiao Reservoir Park, Yujing Park and Nanzhaishan Park.

The two to be renovated are the National Forest Park and Cuiyuan Park.