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Feast of kites in Pingtan

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Updated: 2015-09-24

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Hundreds of gorgeous kites were flown in Pingtan, a stop of a national kite-flying tournament on Sept 7, local news portal ptnet.cn reported.

Feast of kites in Pingtan

Dozens of kites in various shapes and sizes fly at a kite competition in Pingtan, Fujian province, Sept 7. More than 21 teams across the nation took part in the event, part of a national kite-flying tournament. [Photo/Xinhua]

The event attracted 21 teams across the country and was divided to two parts: competition and exhibition.

The exhibition starting at 9 am was a visual feast for the audience, with all kinds of kitesin unique shapes flying in the sky.

“I’ve never seen such a great number of kites together at the same time,” said a local resident Wang Minghua, who couldn’t stop taking pictures. “I’ve also learned a lot of kite knowledge after talking to the players.”

The dazzling show was just an appetizer for the day. The crowds were thrilled by the afternoon’s fierce kite-cutting competition.

Manipulated by their adept owners, the fighter kites looked like angry bulls in a fierce showdown with their opponents, determined to cut them out by changing heights in a flash of movement.

There were peaceful parts, too, as some of the kites had the best visual effects.

“It is such a spectacular scene,” said Mr. Liu, as an extra-large dragon-shaped kite was manipulated by a dozen men.

The event was held in Pingtan due to the suitable wind and land conditions, according to Leng Shixiang, deputy chairman of the Beijing Kite Association.

“There is a wide-open area with strong wind, which means the players don’t need to do a lot of running. No wonder the games are so terrific.”

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