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Experts weigh in on future development of Pingtan (Part I)

( chinadaily.com.cn )

Updated: 2015-09-01

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Elite entrepreneurs and insiders gathered at a business matchmaking event in Pingtan, Fujian province on Aug 16 and brainstormed development patterns for the dynamic economic zone, reported local news portal ptnet.cn.

The following are some of their takeaways:

Wang Zhigang, top counselor of China Trust Bank

Experts weigh in on future development of Pingtan (Part I)

I’ve heard that Pingtan aims to be an area focusing on cross-Straits economic cooperation. Authorities have set up clear goal and released a number of policies pushing for the goal.

I think apart from financial service, Pingtan can also explore tourism, sightseeing, senior people care as well as medical treatment. This has to be done step by step. Pingtan can also absorb development experiences from other free trade zones like Shanghai, Tianjin and Guangdong.

Ren Shuhui, deputy manager of China Huadian Corporation

Experts weigh in on future development of Pingtan (Part I)

I’m pretty optimistic about Pingtan’s future, as Fujian province has been designated as the core area on the country’s Belt and Road Initiative, which will no doubt usher in a number of business opportunities.

Pingtan as an experimental zone open for cross-Straits cooperation now serves as an important platform for enterprises of all sizes. As a state-owned power generation company, China Huadian Group will enhance its cooperation with Fujian and support the energy industry in Pingtan.

Shi Jinshan, president of Golden Bridge United Financial Leasing Co

Experts weigh in on future development of Pingtan (Part I)

Pingtan has undergone tremendous change in infrastructure, policy system, local industries and cross-Straits cooperation, which has helped to attract outstanding projects and enterprises to settle in. As a private company, Golden Bridge has advantages in innovation and creativity ability and will play an important role in Pingtan’s innovation drive.

I think Fujian entrepreneurs can set up their own “Asian Investment Bank” to cope with the upgrading and transformation of traditional industries. Golden Bridge would like to facilitate the financing for Fujian entrepreneurs in Pingtan.

Zhang Xiang, president of Qianshou International Travel Agency

I’ve been to Shanghai, Xiamen and Fuzhou for investment. But it was until I came to Pingtan that I made up my mind to start my business here. The blue sky, clear sea, fine beach and unique sea landforms all appeal to me.

Besides the beautiful landscapes, Pingtan’s preferential policies for investors and the goal of building Pingtan into an international tourist destination also play a role. I’m fairly positive about the future boom of tourism in Pingtan as it is on the forefront of the mainland facing Taiwan.