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Experts weigh in on future development of Pingtan (Part II)

( chinadaily.com.cn )

Updated: 2015-09-02

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Elite entrepreneurs and insiders gathered at a business matchmaking event in Pingtan, Fujian province on Aug 16 and brainstormed development patterns for the dynamic economic zone, reported local news portal ptnet.cn.

The followings are some of their takeaways:

Ou Laicheng, president of Taiwan-based Ret-Ser Engineering Agency (RSEA)

After inspecting many cities including Shanghai and Shenzhen, our company decided to open our first subsidiary company in Pingtan, not only because it is in full-speed development, but also because of the preferential policies for investors.

We’ve found that local authorities pay a lot of attention and care to new projects and have released a lot of measures for the convenience of Taiwan businessmen, not to mention that it is so close to Taiwan geographically.

Zheng Liqiang, president of Guangdong Furong Bada Aquatic Products Co

The reason I decided to invest in Pingtan is its goal of building an international tourist destination, which I believe will lead to the boom of the recreational fishing market. I hope this is a good opportunity for traditional aquaculture to transform into a recreational fishing industry. We can also engage in cross-Straits trades and processing of aquatic products.

Kark Stevens, president of a Canada-based environmental protection company

Frankly speaking, the change of Pingtan over the years has shocked me. I am a professional engaged in city and architecture design. I think authorities in Pingtan ought to pay attention to the protection of characteristic folk dwellings as well as ecology, which will be conducive to a scientific layout of industries.

Lin Zijian, general counsel of the Taiwan-based Antrodia Industry Association

Pingtan has policy advantages and convenient traffic for Taiwan investors. We hope to use Pingtan as a springboard to promote antrodia in the mainland. We plan to open a branch and set up an antrodia museum in Pingtan.

Liao Yunxiu, CEO of Guihuahengrong (Pingtan) Construction Co

We came to Pingtan with our Skyfall project, which is a Taiwanese community in Pingtan. After five years of inspection we decided to invest in Pingtan because we believe it perfectly suits the development of Taiwan’s industries and is good for career startups of young Taiwan people. The Taiwanese community therefore will pave the way for the future. We think Pingtan is the next Shenzhen, and we plan to spend 3 billion yuan on the project in the next five years.

Lin Shibiao, president of Wanbang Medical Technology Co

Pingtan has many ports and advanced transportation business. These are driving factors for medical technology projects here, as it faces the Southeast Asian Market.

I believe Pingtan will become a top-tier hub for international shipping and freight, which is of great significance for the transportation of medicine and medical equipment. Furthermore, as Pingtan and Taiwan’s medical industries step up cooperation, Pingtan expects to introduce Taiwan’s medical services, which is a good opportunity for our company.

Yin Weining, general manager assistant of Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC)

Pingtan is surrounded by sea with abundant tourism resources. We are mulling the possibility of air sightseeing in Pingtan. The future of other modern services, such as senior healthcare and tourism, is bright as well.

Zheng Pingtan, CEO of Delta Electronics Co

Delta has settled in the Taiwan Business Incubator in Pingtan last year. It is exploring more cooperation in Pingtan, since it is close to Taiwan and has set up a free trade zone.