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China urges Pingtan-Fuzhou joint development

( chinadaily.com.cn )

Updated: 2015-08-18

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Pingtan and Fuzhou in Fujian province should join hands in infrastructure and traffic development, the State Council said, according to ptnet.cn on Aug 5.

The Council recently approved an overall urban development plan (2011-2020) for Fuzhou, and pointed out that it can make full use of Pingtan’s land and sea resources.

Pingtan, an island city off eastern Fujian, has excellent conditions for ports and other coastal heavy industries, paving the way for an important industrial base in Fujian province, the plan said.

Fuzhou will also construct an integrated traffic network by building or extending highways and railways to Pingtan, since Pingtan plays an increasingly important role in cross-Straits traffic and communication.

“Pingtan, as a new area, needs support from the hinterland, especially Fuzhou. It will cooperate with Fuzhou more actively in regional cooperation,” said Cheng Jinrong, a local government official.