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Lion Dance

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Updated: 2011-05-27

Since the Tang and Song dynasties of yore, Pingnan's ancestors moved from Qinguan and Huanghuai areas of Center Plain to Pingnan. To commemorate their homeland, honor their ancestors, carry forward their traditions, and pray for peace and safety, the lion dance activities must be held on the occasion of important festivals and worship celebration.

Shuangxi lions are similar to those of the north, with a big head dotted with flowers, a long, fat, powerful body, and a heavy tail. The lion dance team is made up of three people, one holding the line ball, the other holding up the lion’s head, and another carrying the lion, taking the torches made of resinous pine branches as the lead, with the accompaniment of small cymbals, cymbals, gods, and drums. Along with the high-pitched heavy rhythm, the Lion balls dance to the right or left, up or down at intervals; the lions sometimes pitch to listen and sometimes jump to shout.

After jumping back and forth three times, the lions will rob the lion balls, and then swallow them. At this point, the audience’s yelling, deafening firecrackers and the drumming push the celebration activity to its maximum tide.