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Tibet to benefit from investment boost2007-03-28

CDB to support western areas with loans of 15b yuan2007-01-19
The China Development Bank (CDB), one of China's three policy banks, will grant loans of 15 billion yuan (1.9 billion US dollars) in the next five years to the country's less developed western areas.

West attracts 300b yuan investment from east2006-12-21
Firms based in the east of China have invested more than 300 billion yuan (US$37.5 billion) in western China, Fu Ziying, assistant minister of Commerce, said on Wednesday.

Smooth talkers 2006-10-30
Wang Jie talks with confidence. But just a year ago, the third-year student at Qinghai University for Nationalities in Northwest China's Qinghai Province was shy and unsure of himself.

Programme offers future for rural girls 2005-11-16
About 6,000 girls who don't attend school in poor western regions will have the chance to develop specific skills next year, thanks to an explorative Sino-UK programme to promote gender equality in rural areas.

Marching west and north: to go or not to go?2005-07-06
Ask Hongkongers you come across on the street of their impressions of Harbin and Urumqi, and the answers, if not "sorry, I've never heard of them," could be "cold," "remote", "primitive" or "poor".

Rosy future for west-east pipeline 2005-01-06
Three years ago, the gigantic west-east gas pipeline project was overwhelmed with doubts over whether there was enough demand for gas.

Ninth investment forum for East, West China to be held in Xi'an2004-12-31
The Ninth Investment & Trade Forum for Co-operation between East & West China is scheduled to be held April 6 to 10, next year in northwest China's Xi'an, capital of Shaanxi Province, said the organizers Wednesday.

Germany supports AIDS prevention in West China2004-12-07
In an agreement signed Monday with China's Ministry of Finance, the German government promised to donate 7 million euros to be used for AIDS prevention and treatment in China's economically less-advantaged western areas, a ministry spokesman said.

Electricity transfer enhanced to solve power imbalance2004-07-29
Despite having less water and coal available than last year, China has enlarged its electricity transfer from the west and effectively guarantee the stable supply of power in the east.

Chinese, foreign businessmen gather in west China for Tibetan carpet trade2004-07-12
More than 1,000 business people from 21 countries gathered in Xining, capital of West China's Qinghai Province, on Friday to attend the 2004 Qinghai Tibetan Carpet International Fair.

Narrowing wealth gap between east and west 2004-07-07
The gap between China's west and east, instead of shrinking, is growing.
Aiming to reduce the huge disparity between its west and east, China launched its "Go West" campaign with great fanfare in 1999.

Western regions call for investment2004-04-28
While there is increasing concern that overall investment in China has been growing at a breakneck pace, some local governments are worried that the investment in their regions is far from enough.

Eighth east-west China trade fair opens2004-04-06
The Eighth Investment and Trade Fair for Cooperation Between East and West China opened Monday in Xi'an, the capital city of Northwest China's Shaanxi Province.

East-west gas line ready year early2004-03-09
China's lengthened east-west gas pipeline proejct may be finished by the end of 2004, one year ahead of schedule.

Shanghai gets gas from pipeline project 2003-10-08
The first gas from China's west-east pipeline project arrived in Shanghai at 1:54 am yesterday, after travelling 1,485 kilometres from Northwest China's Shaanxi Province.

China's largest gas pipeline project ready for trial run2003-09-17
The West-East gas pipeline project, begun in July 2002, to build China's longest gas pipeline, will be ready for a trial run on Oct. 1 this year.

East-west digital divide growing, survey shows2003-07-17
The digital divide between China's east and west is increasing and most of the country's government websites are just brochure sites, the latest national survey on Internet resources shows.

Shanghai offers aid package to ethnic-minority area 2003-04-18
The biggest industrial city in China has pledged to donate 18.19 million yuan (US$2.2 million) to Aksu Prefecture in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Northwest China, an official announced yesterday.

Joint efforts to boost growth in river valley 2003-04-16
Shanghai and southwest China's Sichuan Province have agreed to promote full-scale co-operation in a bid to stimulate economic development in the Yangtze River valley.

Shanghai stresses high-tech projects in western region development 2003-04-10
Shanghai vows to focus on high-tech projects in its cooperation with and development of China's western regions, an official from the Shanghai Scientific Research Committee said at the seventh Eastern-Western Cooperation, Investment and Trade Fair opening on April 8 in Xi'an.

Xinjiang seeks urgent cash aid for quake victims 2003-03-27
China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region has made an urgent call for financial aid and relief supplies to rebuild and help victims of Monday morning's devastating earthquake in the west of the region.

Jianlibao to build food base in Sichuan2003-02-11
Guangdong Jianlibao Group is to build a food base in Sichuan Daying County with a total investment of RMB 2 billion yuan, disclosed sources from the signing ceremony between the Sichuan Daying County Government and Jianlibao Group recently.

EU largest trade partner of NW China province again 2003-01-23
Trade between the European Union (EU)and Shaanxi province exceeded 680 million US dollars in 2002, making the EU the largest trading partner of the northwestern Chinese province for four years in succession.

Starting new life in Shanghai home 2002-12-25
Xu Niubi, a 45-year-old farmer from the hinterlands of Chongqing, would never have thought of living on the country's coast one day and making a living by raising ducks - something she had never tried before.

Southwest China regions join hands to develop Shangri-la2002-09-20
Southwest China's Sichuan and Yunnan provinces, along with the Tibet Autonomous Region, have announced that they would work together to develop Shangri-la intoa world-class tourist destination.

Economic cooperation to expand in Southwest China2002-09-10
Southwest China has experienced fast economic growth after nearly two decades of concerted efforts. Now, governors from provinces and cities in the region are meeting in Nanning, capital of the Guangxi Zhuan Autonomous Region, to discuss ways to further step up their cooperation and "opening up" to the outside world.

Tibet willing to promote economic cooperation with India 2002-08-15
Tibet wishes to promote cooperation with India in the economic field and in border trade, said Losang Toinzhub, vice-chairman of the Tibet Autonomous Regional People's Government, in Lhasa Wednesday.

Sichuan: Bank-government cooperation goes well2002-07-29
Sichuan Provincial Government and State Development Bank signed financial cooperative agreement on July 26. Zhou Rongkang, Sec. of Sichuan Provincial C'tee of CPC, made important statement.

Germany donates 8 million euros to help NW province power system2002-07-16
A memo has been signed recently inthis capital of Northwest Gansu Province, on the German governmentproviding eight million euros (eight million US dollars) to help build a power system solar energy in rural Gansu.

East and West to Meet at Trade Fair 2002-06-25
An investment and trade fair will be held in Xining, capital of northwest China's Qinghai Province, on July 20-24 to encourage eastern businesses to take part in the economic development in western China.

China plans network for better sharing of cultural information2002-04-22
Without any traveling a teacher in Tibet will be soon be able to consult a reference book in the National Library in Beijing simply by logging on to a national information-sharing network.

Eastern and western China bind 'honeymoon' ties 2002-04-11
Cooperation between eastern and western China are gearing up with richer capital inflow and more up-to-date technological know-how, economists said Wednesday (April 10) at an internal trade fair.

Guangdong to Be powered by electricity from West China2001-11-26
Construction of nine power generation and transmission projects started Sunday in western China for providing electricity to Guangdong Province in the south.

Xinjiang able to supply gas to Shanghai for 30 years2001-09-24
The Tarim Basin in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region will be able to provide gas to energy-deficient Shanghai for more than 30 years upon completion of the West-to-East Natural Gas Pipeline Project.

Beijing provides solar energy equipment for Tibet2001-07-05
The Beijing Solar Energy Research Institute presented 303 sets of solar energy devices to Lhasa, capital of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, at a ceremony held Monday.

Third group of cadres from Fujian to aid Tibet 2001-07-02
The third group of cadres from Fujian Province, east China, recently arrived in the Tibet Autonomous Region in west China to initiate a three-year aid program.

Northwest Shaanxi Province eyes HK in opening-up 2001-06-28
Hong Kong has been serving a pilot for Shaanxi Province in the opening-up drive and the development of the overseas-oriented economy, said Cheng Andong, governor of Shaanxi Province, Wednesday in Hong Kong.

Qinghua University supports development in West China2001-06-16
The government of Shaanxi Province in northwest China and the Beijing-based Qinghua University signed an agreement Friday on cooperation in personnel training, industrial upgrading and enterprise's technological innovation.

Nation's east helps west in education drive2001-06-12
Educational institutions in China's eastern regions have been helping their counterparts in central and western areas to give them a boost.

HK, Xinjiang sign contract boosting tourism cooperation2001-05-29
The Hong Kong Tourist Development Bureau and the Tourist Administration of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region signed a contract in Urumqi Monday with an aim to promote tourist cooperation in the long run.

HK ready to serve western development2001-05-28
With its advantages in foreign trade and fund raising, Hong Kong can serve as a bridge between western China and the outside world, said Donald Tsang, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region's chief secretary for administration, yesterday in this capital of Southwest China's Sichuan Province, China Daily reports.

Shenzhen offers educational fund to western China2001-05-26
Shenzhen, China's first special economic zone, has set aside 300 million yuan (US$36 million) to support the education development in three regions in western China.

Region helps west develop2000-05-22
The early days of May can be very hot in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, with daytime highs at 34 degrees centigrade in some areas, almost 10 degrees higher than that of Beijing.

Prefecture a door to western China2000-04-02
Zhumadian Prefecture in Central China's Henan Province would like to play a greater role in helping East China's companies participate in the country's massive western development drive.

Nation to tap hydropower from west 2000-03-20
China plans to become the world's No 1 hydro superpower - and meet a State goal - in 15 years by building a national network of electricity-generation stations.

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