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Better building codes planned for schools2008-06-06
Public buildings such as schools and hospitals will have to meet higher earthquake-resistance standards, a senior construction official said yesterday.

China sends 800,000 counseling books to child quake survivors2008-05-21
The Ministry of Education said that 800,000 counseling books were being sent to quake-affected children starting on Tuesday.

Xinjiang thirsts for int'l talent2008-03-25
In light of the State Council's campaign to further promote economic and social development in Xinjiang, which was launched late last year, SAFEA decided to enhance foreign expertise-introduction projects there

9-year compulsory education to cover most of western areas2007-11-27
A total of 98 percent of children in China's 410 poorest western counties will receive nine-year compulsory education by the year end, according to a four-year national plan on promoting compulsory education.

Push to school 6 million illiterate by year-end2007-11-27
The Ministry of Education pledged yesterday to bring 6 million people living in the country's western regions out of illiteracy by the end of this year.

Poverty linked to low education for Western Chinese women2006-09-22
Chen Wenjiang, vice president of the Philosophy and Social Science Institute of the Lanzhou University, said on Tuesday that low economic and social development in western regions holds the key to local women’s educational level, with gender equality also to be considered.

Students offered incentive to 'go west'2006-09-15
Students who rely on State loans to finish their university studies may have their loans waived if they go to work in China's western or remote areas, the Ministry of Education announced yesterday.

Project bridges digital divide 2006-03-29
She never thought the countryside scene could be so interesting.

Students in West China receive 1 billion yuan for emergency injury insurance2006-03-28
Primary and middle school students in West China on Monday received a donation of 1 billion yuan (around 12 million U.S. dollars) for emergency injury insurance.

China to train 3,600 middle, elementary schoolmasters from central, west China2006-03-03
China will build 1,000 libraries and train 3,600 schoolmasters for the middle and elementary schools from poverty-stricken areas in central and west China over the next three years, according to an education aid program kicked off here Thursday.

China pledges free 9-year education for students in rural west2006-02-22
China said Tuesday it will exempt primary and junior high school students in its rural west from tuition and other education expenses this year, pledging to implement similar policies in other areas starting 2007.

Rural students in China's west to enjoy free education in 20062005-12-26
Rural students in China's relatively backward western region will enjoy free compulsory education from 2006, according to a government decision.

Students in China's western region to receive free compulsory education next year2005-12-21
China will continue to increase investment in education in poverty stricken areas in western regions and will provide free nine-year compulsory education in the region next year, said an education official here on Tuesday.

Students go west for better career opportunities 2005-08-09
Liu Dongyang, who received his bachelor's degree in sociology from Fudan University in Shanghai this June, is undergoing a personnel training programme with the PetroChina Company in Tarim basin, in the heart of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in Northwest China.

Young college students respond to national call of seeking employment in west China2005-07-26
Chinese youth expressed their understanding and support to the country's call of seeking employment in the comparatively backward west and at grass roots, as they attended the youth's once five-year meeting held here this week.

Chinese President encourages college graduates to work in west2005-07-19
Chinese President Hu Jintao has called on college graduates to seek jobs in the country's comparatively backward western region, to contribute to these area's socioeconomic development.

Language skills and duty-free zone wanted 2005-03-04
It would take three days for an ambitious Uygur to reach Beijing by train from Urumqi, but bridging the distance between the Uygur language and Putonghua would take longer.

Literacy course improves the lives of Salar women2005-01-24
XINING: Local tailor Han Haijie's dressmaking business has shot from non-existent to flourishing thanks to a literacy course that has taught her the simple basics of reading and writing.

China to invest 900 million yuan to improve education in SW province2005-01-10
China will invest more than 900 million yuan (about 108.4 million US dollars) to improve compulsory education in the southwestern province of Guizhou in the coming four years, said the local education department.

More children from Xinjiang to be educated in coastal cities2004-10-14
High schools in twelve more cities in coastal areas in East and South China will recruit students from the inland Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in the country's Northwest, a regional official said Tuesday.

UNICEF goes west to help children2004-09-03
The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) will work with the Chinese Government to reduce regional disparities in the welfare of children

1,900 student volunteers to finish service in West China in July2004-06-18
About 1,900 university graduates who volunteered to help develop impoverished regions in western China for one year in 2003 are scheduled to finish their service in July, sources with the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League of China (CYLC) said on Thursday.

Studies on Tibet booming at university 2004-06-14
Tibetan studies are attracting not only local Tibetans in western China but also Han people, the country's major ethnic group, and even students from abroad.

Huge investment earmarked to boost compulsory education in Tibet2004-05-24
The Chinese government will allocate a record 650 million yuan (US$78.31 million) in special fund to support the compulsory education in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, according to the region's education authority.

Volunteer programme reaps rewards 2004-05-11
Mo Feng could have been working as a doctor at the Shenzhen Disease Control and Prevention Centre in South China's Guangdong Province, with a comfortable salary of 6,000 yuan (US$723) per month.

'Go west, young men,' to serve your country 2004-04-14
Mu Feng graduated from the prestigious Medical School of Peking University last year and was immediately offered a nice job in a big hospital in Shenzhen in South China's Guangdong Province. The new young physician had it made

Auction held to fund dropouts in western China2004-04-03
More than 300,000 yuan (more than 36,000 US dollars) earned by an auction on Saturday will go to helping school dropouts in the less developed western China get an education.

Farmers in SW China city benefit from internet learning2004-03-22
Hu Yongguo, a farmer in Wushan County, southwest China's Chongqing City, has become much better at raising Mongolian gazelles, thanks to a local distance education program tailored to rural people.

Supreme Court to help train judges in western China2004-02-17
All judges in western China will receive on-the-job training in law application and court trial control skills from the Supreme People's Court (SPC) this year, said Xiao Yang, president of the SPC, here Tuesday.

Folk expert values roots2004-02-17
When I was compiling works of folklore in 1981 in Tibet Autonomous Region's Zhanang County, locals told me about a young man named Kezhub.

School fee waivers benefit Shaoxing kids 2004-02-10
SHAOXING: The middle school in the town of Pingshui, 240 kilometres south of Shanghai, began its spring semester yesterday, but for some low-income parents, this semester is unprecedentedly different.

Modern science makes Tibetan sorcerers redundant2004-01-11
Winter used to be the holiday season in the "sorcerers village" in China's Tibet Autonomous Region, when they stopped witchcraft activities and gathered to compete with their "supernatural powers".

Distance education develops in Ningxia2003-12-19
Both teachers and students in Guyuan City, West China's Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, have benefited from the modern distance education network.

Changing face of education in Tibet 2003-12-10
LHASA: The education system in Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region has dramatically improved during the last four decades, said local officials contemplating the current status of the local primary and middle school system.

Tibet builds up complete education system in primary, middle schools2003-12-08
Southwest China's Tibetan autonomous region has built a complete education system in local primary and middle schools, due to great support from the central government during the past four decades, said local officials.

Tibetan lama school passes on knowledge to young generation2003-12-03
Every morning at six o'clock, Rinqen Norbu and another 30 lamas get up and start another day reading scriptures at Nalanzha Monastery in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region.

Most students back in school in southwest China's quake-hit area2003-11-17
Most students in quake- struck Zhaotong City, southwest China's Yunnan Province, were back in school Monday in makeshift classrooms set up in playgrounds, including tents and other temporary shelters.

Science, education development must be sped up in west China: official2003-11-16
A senior Chinese official has said it is vital to accelerate the development of science, technology and education in western China.

Science, education development to be sped up in West China2003-11-16
A senior Chinese official has said it is vital to accelerate the development of science, technology and education in western China.

Tibetan lamas trained with electrical skills2003-10-23
Tibetan lamas had new lessons to take since this week + not on religious studies, but a course on maintenance of electrical appliances.

Schools in quake-hit county reopen2003-10-20
All the school students of Dayao County returned to class Monday, only four days after a strong earthquake hit the area.

Shaanxi Province makes US$6m investment in school repairs 2003-10-16
The government of Shaanxi Province, Northwest China, has decided to invest 50 million yuan (US$6 million) in rebuilding and repairing schools affected by heavy flooding this year.

Shaanxi makes huge investment in school repairs2003-10-16
The government of Shaanxi Province, Northwest China, has decided to invest 50 million yuan (USZ$6 million) in rebuilding and repairing schools affected by heavy flooding this year.

Special funding earmarked to create more jobs in Tibet2003-09-29
Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region has set aside 46.95 million yuan (about 5.66 million US dollars) this year to help more urban residents in Tibet find jobs.

Books worth 2.3 million yuan donated to NW. China2003-09-16
Books worth 2.3 million yuan on Tuesday were transported from Beijing to Urumqi, capital of northwest China's Xinjiang Autonomous Region, helping establish 20 libraries there.

Compulsory education goal set for western China2003-09-02
The Chinese government has set a  goal of nine years of compulsory education for at least 85 percent of people in its poorer western regions, and vowed to cut youth  illiteracy to five percent by 2007.

Scholars to work for city's future 2003-09-01
A dozen professors yesterday joined Guiyang in Southwest China's Guizhou Province in their attempt to achieve a resource circulating economy and an environmentally friendly society.

6,000 Chinese young volunteers "go west"2003-08-31
Six thousand young volunteers selected from among nearly 43,000-plus college graduates set out to west China on Sunday to help develop impoverished regions.

More disabled people find jobs in NW China province2003-08-25
Chen Xiaoli, a 17-year-old blind girl, found a job as a masseuse in Lanzhou, capital of Northwest China's Gansu province, several days ago after she completed a month-long training course.

College of Tibetan Medicine gets aid from inland universities2003-08-11
The College of Tibetan Medicine, China's only Tibetan medical college, will be helped by six universities in the inland of China to further develop the unique medicine and push Tibet's medical industry to the market.

Sino-British elementary educational program pays off2003-08-07
The Sino-British elementary education program has been playing an important role in improving schooling for children in Gansu Province since it was launched in December 1999.

Qualified education reaches NW. China's border area via Internet2003-08-04
An on-line education program produced by a prestigious Beijing-based middle school has reached the Altay Uygur prefecture of northwest China's Xinjiang Autonomous Region via the Internet and satellite.

Volunteer teachers in west China grateful to enriched life practice2003-07-17
College students are experiencing exciting voluntary teaching in west China, while the mass volunteer plan set up to serve the under-developed western areas is gradually spreading across the entire country.

6,000 young volunteers to "go west" in September2003-07-16
Six thousand young volunteers selected from nearly 44,000 college graduates will travel to west China in September to help develop impoverished regions, the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League of China (CYLC) announced Wednesday.

Xinjiang's poor school students to enjoy free education2003-07-07
A financial-aid policy set at the joint sponsorship of the Chinese central government and the government of northwestern Xinjiang Autonomous Region is expected to benefit more than 1.73 million school kids whose families are scattering far and wide in the region's 67 needy cities or counties.

Going west to benefit all sides2003-06-30
College graduates going to western China to work will find themselves in a win-win situation. They will get experience and training, the western regions will acquire much-needed skilled personnel, and China as a whole will realize a more balanced distribution of human resources.

Tibetans live with democracy for half a century 2003-03-31
Gyai'ra Losang Dainzin, a Tibetan with no political party affiliation, was recently elected as vice-chairman of China's Tibet Autonomous Region.

Tibetan children gain more chances for education2003-03-27
For a Tibetan child, it is enviable to be selected for an educational program in a big city like Beijing, but Goinqog Lozhoi said he felt equally lucky to have the chance to hear lectures by teachers from big Chinese cities without leaving his schoolroom in the mountainous Bomi county.

Compulsory education progressing in Tibet 2003-01-22
The Tibet Autonomous Region, in southwest China, has made marked progress in the implementation of compulsory education in recent years.

Spring Bud" program offers hope for Tibetan girl dropouts2002-12-09
A national campaign in China to help poor girl dropouts has given Yexe Zhoige, a nine-year-old ethnic Tibetan orphan, opportunities she never would have had -- an education and a family.

Rural dwellers in central, west China to enjoy health care subsidies 2002-10-31
China's Vice Premier Li Lanqing says each rural dweller in central and west China will enjoy subsidies worth over 20 yuan annually next year through a cooperative health care program.

'Science Popularization Train' Leaves for West China 2002-10-15
The "Science Popularization Train for West China" was kicked off Beijing Monday with the aim of promoting science education.

Overseas study program launched for China's West 2002-09-23
China Friday launched a program to allow more intellectuals from its western areas to study abroad with governmental disbursements.

Tibet has more well-educated people2002-09-06
Laba, a junior student in the Tibetology Department of Tibet University didn’t take a break even during the summer vacation; instead, he has been busy studying by himself on campus and plans to take part in the postgraduate examination before he graduates next year.

Tibetan students to go to inland dey high schools2002-08-19
This autumn, the first batch of 360 top junior middle school graduates from Tibetan classes or schools will attend inland key senior middle schools, announced the Education Department of Tibet Autonomous Region.

Tibet to enroll for doctorates for the first time2002-07-31
Tibet Autonomous Region, southwest China, plans to establish three doctoral stations in local universities, aiming to nurture first batch of Tibetan doctorates.

Tibet yields first group of masters on local literature, history and medical science2002-07-17
The Tibet Autonomous Region saw a grand graduation ceremony held on July 17 for its first batch of locally trained master degree holders on Tibetan literature, history and Medical Science.

China bridging higher education east-west gap2002-07-08
Southwest China's Jiaotong University is to help Tibet University set up a post-graduate department later this year, Jiang Gefu, vice-president of Jiaotong University said Thursday.

Tibet Benefits from State Education Project2002-06-25
Tibet Autonomous Region, southwest China, has witnessed marked improvement in educational standards since a state project to expand compulsory education in rural areas was launched in the region four years ago.

China boosts training, skills recruitment for West region2002-06-12
China will train and recruit more skilled people for the country's western region to support development in the area, according to its 2002-2005 program for training and recruitment for government, businesses and research institutions issued on Wednesday.

Hope for school dropouts in Western China 2002-05-21
The boy standing near the primary school gate, keenly watching his peers playing within, was obstinate -- he didn't like study or going to school.

Education plan further supports education in poor areas 2002-05-03
The Ministry of Education will launch the second round of its plan to support educational development in relatively poor western areas in September.

China launches distance education for Tibetan teachers2002-04-15
China has just launched a long-distance training project for middle and primary school teachers in the country's Tibet Autonomous Region.

Returned students flock to western China2002-04-08
China's strategy of speeding up the development of its western part has transformed the Shaanxi city of Xi'an into a magnet for returned students to start their careers.

Government to increase loans for education in western China2002-01-27
China will issue 300 million yuan-worth of government loans to support the development of vocational and continuing education in China's western areas.

China joins hands with UNDP to train professionals for the West 2002-01-16
China yesterday joined hands with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to train thousands of senior professionals for the country's impoverished western region. The Ministry of Personnel and UNDP yesterday reached an agreement on a package of personnel training programmes, with an investment of US$1 million over three years (2002-04) by the UNDP. Special domestic funds will also be earmarked to support the programme.

Tibet provides education to more children2001-12-10
The government of the Tibet Autonomous Region in southwest China, has published a new outline for developing children's education over the next ten years.

China, EU join hands in boosting Northwest China's compulsory education 2001-11-20
A compulsory education boosting project sponsored by China and EU was launched in northwest China's Gansu province last week. The EU is to inject some 15 million euros into developing 9-year compulsory education in Gansu Province. The fund will be mainly used for training teachers, adding teaching facilities, buying books and sponsoring students from impoverished families to complete 9-year compulsory education.

Ningxia launches education program2001-11-09
The Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, which has the largest proportion of Muslims in China, unveiled a program to boost compulsory education development recently.

Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region offers distance learning 2001-11-01
The government of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region opened on Wednesday a distance learning centre designed to help develop education and eliminate poverty in this western region of China, by using information and communication technology.

Int'l college of Guizhou University of Technology founded 2001-10-27
The International Cooperation College of Guizhou University of Technology, the first of its kind in southwest China's Guizhou Province, was founded Friday.

AUAP fourth session opens in Guizhou 2001-10-24
The fourth gathering of the Association of Universities in Asia and Pacific (AUAP) opened in Guiyang, capital city of southwest China's Guizhou Province Tuesday.

One million Tibetans trained in schools 2001-10-20
The number of students studying at the primary and secondary schools and universities in China's Tibet Autonomous Region totaled 380,000, accounting for 15 percent of its total population, a regional education official said in Lhasa Saturday.

Taiwanese software maker gives products to Ningxia 2001-09-12
Taiwanese software maker Iventec presented three sets of English-learning software to the government of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region on Wednesday.

First group of Tibetan University students get education aid 2001-08-11
Fourteen students from three universities in Tibet received Friday grant-in-aid to sustain their schooling, which marks the start of the "West China Development and Education Aid Program" in Tibet.

Western China, where returned students become successful businessmen 2001-07-05
Many students returning from overseas universities have become successful business people in western China and their high-tech businesses are prosperous.

Non-government-run schools booming in Northwest China city2001-06-17
Schools run by the community, enterprises or even individuals have been flourishing in Lanzhou, capital city of Gansu Province in northwest China, becoming a major part of the local education system.

World Bank to fund remote education project in Ningxia 2001-06-13
The World Bank is preparing to invest in and build an education network center in the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, northwest China, to help the region develop its remote education.

Needy students in western China get more aid 2001-06-13
The Chinese government will continue to aid needy university freshmen in the western parts of the country so as to cultivate talent for the undeveloped area, said Yuan Guiren, vice Minister of Education in Beijing on a working conference.

More farmers in Sichuan to become workers 2001-06-11
More than three million farmers in southwest China's Sichuan Province are expected become workers or service trade staff in coming five years.

Foreigners help blind children in Tibet 2001-06-10
Surpo Reya, a blind woman from Germany, and her Dutch husband have established a special center to help train blind children in Tibet.

Gansu scientist rewarded for agricultural achievements2001-05-06
Zhou Xiangchun, an agronomist in Gansu, an arid province in northwest China, received a 600,000-yuan award today for his achievements in developing and popularizing new breeds of wheat and flax.

Education, major driving force in Tibet's social & economic development 2001-04-29
After Tibet was peacefully liberated, the CPC central committee attached great importance in the region's cause of education. The Chinese government has continuously invested nearly 10 billion yuan in the region's schools at various levels and cultivated batches of talents, which has facilitated the economic development, social progress and prosperity in the region.

Fair for introducing foreign talents opens in Guiyang2001-04-17
A three-day fair for introducing talents from outside China opened in Guiyang, capital of southwest China's Guizhou Province, Tuesday.

Migrating workers welcomed in West China development 2001-04-08
"Although these well-trained people will eventually return to where they came from, we still expect that they will contribute to the economic development in west China regions."

WICEF aids impoverished children in Qinghai 2001-03-23
The World Impoverished Children Education Foundation (WICEF) will donate 6 million yuan (US$722,891) to help impoverished children in Qinghai Province, northwest China.

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