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China spends US$125b on western infrastructure in past 6 years2006-09-07
A total of one trillion yuan (125 billion U.S. dollars) has been spent building infrastructure in western China in the past six years, a senior economic official has said.

West China economic growth up 10.7% in 20052006-08-31
Western China regions have reported an annual average economic growth rate of 10.7 percent for six straight years to last year, thanks to a national strategy to develop the area.

Township enterprises in Tibet report rising businesses2004-01-15
The rapidly developing township enterprises in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region generated 1.25 billion yuan (150 million US dollars) in output value in 2003, up 19 percent from the year before, according to the regional Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Department.

Xinjiang opens up mining rights2003-12-21
China's far western Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region has opened mining rights to the public, allowing prospectors to sell their output.

Tibetans expect benefits upon operation of Tibet's first-ever railway2003-10-20
"I heard the railway will be built up to Lhasa in few years, and then we will have cheaper goods." " Prices will go down, but housing prices will certainly go up, so it's better to buy a house now..."

Modern medicines to make use of Tibetan traditions 2003-09-23
Authorities should make use of traditional Tibetan remedies as well as high-tech technology and equipment, said an expert with the Beijing Tibetan Hospital.

Sanqi to spur major medical expansion 2003-06-10
A traditional Chinese herb known for its staggering ability to stem bleeding is expected to become a pillar supporting the medical industry's expansion in Southwest China's Yunnan Province.

Garment industrial park to debut in Chengdu 2003-04-03
A garment industrial park will debut in Chengdu, capital of Southwest China's Sichuan Province, providing a base to further advance the industry's boom in the country's western regions.

Tibet to deepen reform, open wider: official 2003-03-31
The Tibet Autonomous Region will make greater efforts to deepen reform and open wider to the outside world, said Nyima Cering, vice chairman of the regional government.

Sichuan industrial increases speedily 2003-02-11
Sichuan industrial economy was in a comprehensive increase momentum in 2002, as is shown the latest statistics from the Sichuan Statistics Bureau. The industrial value-added of the scaled industrial enterprises reached RMB 91.53 billion yuan last year, an increases of 17.2 % from the previous year, and 4.6 % higher than the average growth speed in China.

Chongqing reports economic growth 2003-02-08
Southwest China's Chongqing Municipality generated a gross domestic product of 197.1 billion yuan in 2002, up 10.3 percent from 2001.

Chengdu industrial economic blueprint comes out 2003-01-06
Chengdu Municipal Industrial Economic Conference was held yesterdy, in which industrial economic development blueprint of 2003 came out. Stressing on developing new-style industry and industrial structure rectification, industrial growth will be ensured increase by 14 percent in 2003.

Mining Sector Accounts for 26 Percent of Xinjiang Industry 2002-11-11
Mineral-rich Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, northwest China, revealed Friday its mining output contributed 28.84 billion yuan (US$3.51 billion) in output to the local industrial output value in 2001, or about 26.6 percent of the region's total.

Chengdu economy eevelops well chinawestnews2002-11-08
The current deposit in Chengdu amounts to RMB 250 billion yuan and there are 16 commerical banks, 13 Chinese-funded insurance companies and 87 negotiable securities business departments. The financial organ density reached the most in China's west.

Structure adjustment improves farmers and herdsmen's income 2002-09-23
From this year, Tibet stresses the importance of the increase of farmers and herdsmen's income and makes the structure adjustment an efficient way for the increase of farmers and herdsmen's income.

Bold Plan to Open State Sector in Southwestern China City 2002-06-19
In possibly the boldest move yet in breaking China's State monopolies, the southwestern city of Chengdu is to allow private capital and foreign investment into key sectors, including infrastructure, telecommunications, electric power and gas.

Self-made business people flourishing in western China 2002-03-23
At eight o'clock every morning, Zhang Xiaolin, a 36-year-old self-made entrepreneur, drives his Volvo into a European-style office building in Xi'an, northwestern China and switches on a laptop to begin his work as board chairman of a high-tech company.

West China trade fair for non-public sector businesses opens 2001-12-02
The First West China Trade Fair for Businesses of Non-Public Ownership opened in this municipality in southwest China Saturday.

Chinese township enterprises to head for small towns 2001-09-11
The Chinese government will encourage township enterprises to locate in small towns, in a move to adjust their distribution and help develop small towns, according to the Ministry of Agriculture (CAM).

Private enterprises in east invest more in west 2001-03-01
Encouraged by favorable policies, more private enterprises in this important industrial base in east China's Zhejiang Province are investing more in the west of the country.

China Steps up Township Enterprises Restructuring 2000-12-30
China is stepping up its efforts to overhaul township enterprises for the impending challenges brought by China's entry into WTO and the economic globalization, according to a nationwide symposium held recently in central China's Henan province.

China supports small enterprise development 2000-11-07
China is speeding up development of small and medium sized enterprises in its western regions to make full use of capital owned by individuals and non-governmental enterprises.

More eastern township enterprises dive in western development 2000-11-07
China's development of the west has greatly promoted cooperation between township enterprises in the eastern and western areas, said a senior official Monday in Zhengzhou.

Small and medium foreign enterprises to march to China's west 2000-10-31
Small and medium-sized enterprises of Europe, Asia, America and Oceania have begun to show great interest in China's western region.

China to quicken industrial restructuring in western region - official 2000-10-22
The State Economic and Trade Commission will increase efforts to quicken the industrial restructuring in China's western regions to boost the local economy.

Economist on accelerated melting of West China into economic globalization 2000-10-21
Chinese economist, Li Jingwen, said Friday that China should seize the favorable opportunity of economic globalization and utilize new Eurasian continental bridge to speed up western China's merge into the economic globalization.

China to Hold Township Enterprises Trade Fair 2000-09-06
China Township Enterprises Trade Fair opened Wednesday in Shangqiu, central China's Henan Province.

China's biggest SEZ offers experience for "developing West" drive 2000-08-28
A local lawmaker said the development of Hainan, China's youngest and also biggest special economic zone (SEZ), could offer precious lessons for the country's campaign to open up its western regions.

West development strategy good chance for SOE reform 2000-07-06
Vice Premier Wu Bangguo has said that the west-developing strategy has brought about good opportunities for the restructuring of local state-owned enterprises (SOE) in China's underdeveloped areas.

Spring planting should be done well - vice-premier 2000-04-25
Chinese Vice-Premier Wen Jiabao has called for all localities to do the spring planting carefully and well in their respective areas.

Lhasa to sell state-owned enterprises2000-04-22
The 37 state-owned enterprises in Lhasa,capital of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, will be sold over the next three years, local media reported on April 21.

West faces challenges, opportunities 2000-03-06
Economic restructuring is the core of the country's ongoing remake-the-west campaign.

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