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Stone desertification threatens 450,000 farmers in southwest2007-01-15
Worsening stone desertification is threatening the survival of about 450,000 farmers in southwest China's Guizhou Province, and they are in dire need of being relocated, local authorities have said.

Xi'an district grants farmers equal treatment2006-09-01
Yang Zhipeng, a former farmer now working in Xi'an, capital of northwest Shaanxi Province, is happy to have become a new citizen of the city.

Gov't to allocate 20m yuan more against drought in Southwest2006-09-01
The Chinese government has allocated another 20 million yuan (2.5 million US dollars) to fight the drought in southwest China's Chongqing municipality.

Rural support scheme helps Shaanxi farmers 2006-03-02
XI'AN: With a major relocation programme to improve conditions for farmers  near completion, Shaanxi Province, in Northwest China, has poured in 12.5 million yuan (US$1.54 million) since 2000 to improve homes or help residents  move to better areas.

Tibet sees double-digit growth in farmers' income2006-01-16
The per capita income of herdsmen and farmers reached 2,075 yuan (about 260 U.S. dollars) in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region last year, a year on year rise of 11.5 percent. The growth rate was higher than the national average for the same year.

Farmer medical aid to rise 2006-01-05
Millions of farmers in Northwest China's Shaanxi Province will have a chance to receive better medical services this year, as the local government is extending its medical service trial to 43 counties and providing more financial assistance.

Gansu farmers' land lawsuit hearing opens2005-08-31
It will take about one month for a court in Northwest China's Gansu Province to reach a decision on a case in which 113 rural families are suing the Chengxian County government, the plaintiffs' lawyers said.

Sichuan pork sales, pig exports dip 2005-08-12
The outbreak of pig-to-human Streptococcus suis has led to a sharp fall in pork sales and live-pig exports in Southwest China's Sichuan Province, according to provincial officials.

7.87m hectares of land rehabilitated into forests in West China2005-02-17
By the end of 2004, local people in China's western regions had rehabilitated and cultivated 118 million mu (7.87 million hectares) of land into forests and had planted about 170 million mu (11.3 million hectares) of trees on barren land and mountains, according to the State Council's Office of the Leading Group for Western Region Development.

Tibet helps nomadic people settle down2004-09-02
A total of 48,000 nomadic ethnic Tibetans have settled down since the central government launched a pasture construction and nomadic people settlement programme three years ago.

Wolfberry festival to be held in Ningxia2004-07-19
Chinese wolfberry, a speciality of Northwest China's Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, has become an important link between the area and outside world.

Xinjiang exports tomato sauce to Kazakhstan2004-04-21
Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region exported 2,100 tons of tomato sauce, worth US$1.1 million, to Kazakhstan during the first quarter of the year

Income for Tibetan farmers grows faster than national average2004-04-14
Farmers in western China's Tibet Autonomous Region had their per-capita income grow at a quicker pace than the national average for rural areas last year, thanks in part to industrial restructuring and development of diversified businesses.

Loan program paves way to fortune for Tibetan farmers2004-03-24
Baima Soinam is sort of a "Great Gatsby" in the eyes of villagers in Bowo County in Tibet -- three years transformed him from a needy farmer into a millionaire -- but the 38-year-old Tibetan said it is the low-interest small loan that changed his fate.

Poultry products re-enter markets upon end of isolation in Tibetan city2004-03-16
Lhasa: Today bustling trade can be seen again in the poultry product market in Lhasa, capital of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, as the end of isolation was declared in this bird flu-hit area.

Qinghai assists wild asses 2004-03-16
XINING: Twelve rescued Tibetan wild asses have been returned to the wild in the Hoh Xil Nature Reserve in Northwest China, according to the administration of the State nature reserve.

Sichuan to exempt ethnic regions from agricultural taxes2004-03-11
The government of Sichuan Province, a major agricultural base in southwest China, has approved a regulation exempting regions inhabited by minority nationalities from taxes on farm produce and animal by-products and from surtaxes

Northwest Chinese provinces move to contain bird flu2004-02-06
The governments of northwest China's Gansu and Shaanxi provinces have implemented rigorous measures to deal with two suspected bird flu cases.

Tibetan farmers' income rises markedly2004-01-16
The net per capita income of farmers and herdsmen in the Tibet Autonomous Region, southwest China, surged 11 percent year-on-year to reach a record 1,690 yuan (204. 35 US dollars) last year, the latest statistics have shown.

Ningxia trains 1 million farmers in science, technology2003-12-01
Northwestern China's Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region launched a month-long program on Monday to train 1 million local farmers in scientific and technological knowledge and practical farming skills.

Tibet reports bumper grain harvest for 16th straight year2003-11-24
The Tibet Autonomous Region in southwest China recorded a bumper grain harvest for the 16th consecutive year this year, statistics from the regional agriculture and animal husbandry bureau show.

New life: Turning to stock farming 2003-10-30
HOHHOT: Chen Dong, a farmer in Yongdetang Village of Ulanqab League in North China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, owns four milk cows that earned 14,400 yuan (US$1,750) in net profit for his family of six.

Farmers seeking new livelihood after turning farmland to woodland, grassland2003-10-27
Chen Dong, a farmer in Yongdetang Village of Ulanqab League in north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, owns four milch cows that earned 14,400 yuan ( about 1,750 US dollars) in net profit for his family of six.

China's leading apple producer aims at green product2003-10-20
China's northwestern province of Shaanxi, the leading apple-planting province in the country, plans to export more "green" apples, or apples grown without the use of chemicals.

Phone subscribers soaring in rural areas of inland China2003-09-22
The number of phone subscribers in rural areas in underdeveloped Gansu Province, Northwest China, topped one million at the end of August, a leap from 420,000 in 2000 and 97,000 in 1998, according to the provincial telecommunication company.

Tibetan garlic sells well in Nepal2003-08-09
Gyangze County of Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region has contracted to export 150 tons of garlic to Nepal.

70,000 Tibetan farmers to use electricity by yearend2003-07-24
With the construction of 39 small hydroelectric power plants in Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, 70,000 farmers and herdsmen will bid farewell to their former no-electricity status by the end of the year.

Five million more rural people in Guangxi have access to quality drinking water2003-07-23
Construction of water projects in rural Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, South China, has provided access to quality drinking water over the past five years for a further 5.33 million people.

Cooperative health care welcomed by Tibetan farmers, herdsmen 2003-03-27
A cooperative medical service system set up be the Chinese government in farming and grazing areas in Tibet Autonomous Region has attracted increasing numbers of Tibetan farmers and herdsmen.

2.5 billion promotes poverty aid work 2003-02-24
According to village poverty aid blueprint, Sichuan will stress on implementing new village aid, immigrant aid, education aid, sanitation aid and pasture aid.

Financial revenue of Tibet over 600 million yuan until October2002-11-20
According to departments of Ministry of Finance of the Tibet Autonomous Region, the financial revenue of the Tibet Autonomous Region from January to October this year has reached 637.5 million yuan, up 15.46 percent compared with the same period of last year.

Western Agriculture Expo to be held2002-09-23
Hosted jointly by Chinese Supply and Marketing Cooperation Agency, Chinese International Trade Promotion C'tee and Sichuan Provincial Government, 2002 Western Agriculture Expo. is going to be held in Chengdu on Oct. 11 to 14.

WTO entry to promote free agriculture market in China - official 2001-05-15
No matter when China joins the World Trade Organization (WTO), the trend to form a freer farm produce market is irreversible in China, which will have to adapt its agricultural polices, a senior agriculture official said Monday.

Japan Bank helps develop water-saving agriculture in Northwest China 2001-04-02
The Japan Bank for International Cooperation will provide a loan of 461 million yuan (US$55.54 million) for a water-saving agriculture project in northwest China, sources said.

Chinese president emphasizes importance of agriculture 2001-03-08
Chinese President Jiang Zemin reaffirmed Wednesday the fundamental status of agriculture in China's national economic development.

Ministry promises greater progress for west's grasslands 2000-11-21
In a move that promises to speed up agricultural and rural economic expansion in the western regions, China has decided to step up the protection of natural grassland, build more grain production bases and prioritize water-efficiency and ecological agriculture.

Mining city expects double-digit growth 2000-11-12
Steel, energy and agriculture are the sectors the city of Panzhihua is hoping to build up under the nation's ongoing western development strategy.

Agricultural fair highlights high-tech progress2000-11-06
A State-level exhibition showcasing the country's latest achievements in agricultural research was held in Yangling in Shaanxi Province yesterday, attracting more than 4,200 projects in the field.

Expo shows off organic food 2000-10-01
An exposition of Muslim organic food was held recently in Beijing.

Scientists go west to help farmers 2000-05-30
Eighty agricultural experts arrived today in Hohhot in Inner Mongolia, the first stop of a month-long, 5,000-kilometre expedition to help western China adopt the latest agricultural techniques.

Rain-making industries expand west 2000-05-17
The China Meteorological Administration will build artificial rainfall and snow bases and an environmental monitoring system in western China.

Science to help develop western China 2000-04-17
Agricultural development authorities will hold this year's technology fair to strengthen their push for the use of science in building up western China.

Agriculture secures State policy favour 2000-04-16
The central government is creating a new directory of industrial projects in the west authorized to accept foreign co-operative partners, their money and technologies, said Zhang Xiaoqiang, director of Foreign Fund Utilization, State Development Planning Commission.

Xinjiang building largest irrigation project2000-04-13
Construction of the largest irrigation project in China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, one of the most arid area in China, commenced recently.

Qinghai to Auction Over 8 Million-mu of Wastelands 2000-03-27
In order to attract capital, treat the fountainheads of the Yellow and Yangtze rivers and improve the ecological economy, the Party Committee and government of Qinghai Province have, in the process of expediting the large-scale development of the west, broken down the barrier of administrative division as they recently announced that the 8 million-plus mu (15 mu = one hectare) of wasteland suitable for forest and agriculture and lying in various parts of the province would be auctioned to the whole country.

Changing concepts in West China development 2000-02-26
The development of western China should also be a process of opening-up and a change of concepts, said Outlook Weekly. Excerpts follow:

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