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The opening of China's west, coinciding with the country's imminent entry into the World Trade Organization (WTO), has been eagerly anticipated by those who regard both events as important to China's economic and social development and an opportunity for China to stake its position as a world power.
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Graduates offered cash incentive to 'Go West'
College graduates who take jobs in central or western China will be entitled to a full refund of their tuition fees, the State Council said yesterday.

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Houses rebuilt for rural families in NW quake zone 2008-12-23
Tibet's GDP growth to hit 10.1 pct this year 2008-12-22
West China county improves rural children health with free eggs 2008-12-07
China to invest over $21b in railways in coal-rich Shanxi province 2008-12-07
China speeds up quake zone reconstruction with another 20b yuan 2008-11-26
New rail line to transport coal from Inner Mongolia 2008-11-27
Taxi firms in Chongqing agree to cut administration fees 2008-11-21
China's quake-hit Sichuan to invest 3 trillion yuan by 2010 2008-11-21


Quake rebuilding to buoy state-owned enterprises
Reconstruction of earthquake-ravaged regions will bring huge business opportunities for major state-owned enterprises.

Earthquake wake-up call for reinsurance use
Standard & Poor's said earthquake-related insurance claims may act as a wake-up call for the country's insurers to review their risk management practices and reconsider their use of reinsurance.

Tibetans have unprecedented social, economic rights
Statistics show that 122 textbooks in the Tibetan language, covering 16 subjects at levels from primary school to senior middle school, have been published in recent years.

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