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China puts 598 million USD to reduce poverty in ethnic regions in 20052006-02-05
China allocated 4.84 billion yuan (598 million U.S. dollars) as poverty-reduction fund to eight provincial-level regions across the country where ethnic minorities live in compact communities last year, according to official statistics.

Tertiary sector bolsters Tibet economy2006-01-20
China's Tibet Autonomous Region has been restructuring its industries in recent years. In 2005, the tertiary sector takes accounted for about 57 percent of Tibet's GDP, according to local government.

China's Inner Mongolia helps disaster-affected people 2006-01-18
As of Tuesday, the government of north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region has allocated about 180 million yuan (about 23 million U.S. dollars) and huge amount of materials to help the people whose life were affected by natural disasters to live through winter.

NW China region launches farmer training program 2006-01-17
Northwest China's Xinjiang Autonomous Region launched a five-year training program on Monday to provide training for 2 million households in its rural areas.

Yunnan establishes ethnic group gene bank 2006-01-05
The largest gene bank of Chinese ethnic minority groups has recently been set up at Yunnan University in Southwest China's Yunnan Province.

Tibet marks Panchen Lama's enthronement anniversary2005-12-13
Tibet commemorated the enthronement anniversary of the 11th Panchen Lama Thursday, 10 years after Gyaincain Norbu became the highest ranking figure in Tibetan Buddhism at the tender age of six.

China spends hugely to promote compulsory schooling in ethnic minority areas2005-11-17
The provincial government of southwestern Sichuan spent 300 million yuan (37 million US dollars) in each of the past five years on a program to ensure compulsory and free nine-year schooling in its autonomous Tibetan, Yi, and Qiang ethnic prefectures.

Tibetans enjoy longer and healthier lives 2005-08-26
The Tibetan people have enjoyed a free medical care policy since the peaceful liberation in 1951.

Tibet at 'best-ever period' of development2005-06-07
Tibet is now at its best-ever period of development and stability, says a top Tibetan official.

Prosperity of ethnic groups targeted 2005-06-01
President Hu Jintao called on the country's 56 ethnic groups to unite and strive for common prosperity yesterday.

Roads of change revitalize Tibet 2005-01-05
The "Roof of the World" began to rise some 100 million years ago. For millennia the chief means of transport has been on foot, be it animal or human, in a harsh and inhospitable natural geography of rocks, ravines and valleys.

Tibetan farmers have more cash income this year2004-11-26
The per capita cash income of farmers and herdsmen in the Tibet Autonomous Region rose to 1,035 yuan (124.6 US dollars) in the first three quarters of this year, up 22 percent from the same period last year.

'New Silk Road' reweaving bright future2004-11-04
The recently completed Lianyungang-Huoerguosi Road (Lian-Huo Road), being dubbed the 'New Silk Road,' should contribute significantly to the revitalization of the ancient "Silk Road," suggest local experts and officials.

Collectors thankful for Thangka2004-07-27
Thangka, seen in every monastery and family shrine in Tibet, is a mysterious Tibetan scroll-banner painting that is unique to Tibetan culture.

Tibetan surgical claims earlier history than Western counterpart2004-07-26
Tibetan surgeons could conduct surgical operations as complicated as craniotomy in the eighth century, 1,000 years earlier than Western medicine, according to a renowned Tibetan medicine dictionary.

Tibetan population doubled in nearly 40 years2004-06-15
The population of Tibet ethnicity in China's Tibet Autonomous Region increased from 1.2 million to 2.5 million in nearly four decades, according to official statistics released recently.

Regional ethnic autonomy enables Tibetans to enjoy human rights fully2004-05-26
The implementation of the system of regional ethnic autonomy enables Tibetans enjoy human rights fully, many of the Tibetan people have said, in response to the white paper on regional ethnic autonomy in Tibet, which was published on Sunday.

Tibetan finery brightens an austere land 2004-05-24
LHASA: The Tibetan people always take great pride in their dress and the accessories they wear. This is evident in the heavy and well-preserved dresses passed down across generations and still shining on happy Tibetans, as well as the devotion of tailors and pedlars to their traditional dress.

Tibet ranks 2nd in western China in urban residents' income2004-05-18
Tibet edged into the second place in western China in terms of urban per-capita income last year, sparking a rise in consumption in the region, which economists attributed to the government's strategy to development in vast western region.

Tibet enjoys higher economic growth rate than national average2004-05-12
The economic growth rate of the Tibet Autonomous Region has kept at 12 percent for three years, higher than the national average of China, a Tibetan official said here Tuesday.

Ethnic group habitats benefit from clean energy projects in western China2004-03-31
Dui Shanbai, a 60-year-old Kazak herdsman at Beitashan Pasture in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, has recently bid farewell to oil-fires and started consuming electricity.

First billionaire appears in Tibet2004-03-30
Qoinpe Cering, a former poor Tibetan farmer in a small village of Xigaze City in the Tibet Autonomous Region, southwest China, has now became the first billionaire in the region.

Tibet sees first zanba export2004-03-24
Tibetan peasant Zhandui never expected that the zanba his family cooked, a traditional Tibetan staple food of roasted qingke barley flour, could be exported to foreign countries and earn him a considerable amount of money.

Changes underway to life of nuns in modern Tibet2004-03-07
The Canggu nunnery in Lhasa, capital of west China's Tibet Autonomous Region, is still full of life with fresh flowers flourishing and the fragrance of flowers mixing with that of the Tibetan incense although it's early spring on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.

Tibetan industry outgrows agriculture2004-02-21
Industrial growth in the Tibet Autonomous Region surpassed, for the first time, agricultural growth last year, owing to key project construction and industrial restructuring.

Life improves in West China's boundary region2003-12-24
With a new 29-inch television, Dawa is the 47th family to own a TV in Xigaxia village in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region.

Modern technology connecting Tibet with the world2003-12-17
Now that he has a telephone, Yang Zomg, head of Yumai Township of Lhunze County in the Tibet Autonomous Region, does not need to cross a snow-covered mountain to communicate with the county government.

Modern life style sweeps across ancient Tibet monasteries2003-12-17
Butter tea remains a favorite drink to Tibetan lamas when Coca Cola and coffee have become popular among city youngsters on the "world's roof," but they make it in a different way.

Chinese ethnic prefecture benefits from nation's Western Development program2003-12-02
Though a headman named Xiang Nawu of Tujia ethnic group in the mountainous western parts of central China's Hubei province died 500 years ago after failing to materialize his ambition to feed and dress his people, the mission impossible for the chieftain has now been realized.

China launches program to help ethnic minorities2003-11-26
A medical team consisting of 18 volunteer doctors left Beijing Wednesday for China's southwestern regions to start a new program to provide free medical treatment and lectures for ethnic minority groups.

Improving farmers' income growth 2003-11-04
More efforts should be devoted to speeding up growth of the income of farmers, as the nation's economy is returning to fast growth now.

Tibetan women power "women's business" in Tibet2003-11-03
Although the number of shops on the street is less than 10, and the street itself is less than 100 meters long, a sense of fashion abounds here in Lhasa, the capital of the Tibet Autonomous Region.

Tibet striving to narrow income gap: local official2003-10-28
The Tibetan local government is striving to enrich farmers and herdsmen in order to narrow the income gap of its residents, a top local legislator told a visiting US diplomat here Tuesday.

Lawyers donate to light up lives of pastoral Tibetans2003-09-28
Lawyers in the national capital of Beijing and Qinghai province in northwestern China donated 222, 000 yuan (26,750 US dollars) Sunday in a project to help pastoral Tibetans in Qinghai province.

Chairman: Ethnic Tibetans still No 1 in region 2003-09-26
LHASA: Ethnic Tibetans still dominate their autonomous region, with migrant workers having little impact on population numbers, a leading official said on Wednesday.

Shanghai pensioners go west to provide medical services2003-07-30
Thirty one retired doctors from Shanghai set out Wednesday afternoon by plane to northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region for a three-month volunteer medical service program.

Social security system to benefit migrant workers in SW China city 2003-03-27
Migrant workers in Chengdu, capital city of southwest China's Sichuan Province, may enjoy better social security services since March 24.

China boosts poverty alleviation program in Tibet2003-03-03
The Chinese government allocated nearly 300 million yuan (36.1 million US dollars) last year to the poverty alleviation program of west China's Tibet Autonomous Region.

Tibet reports bumper grain harvest 2003-02-13
Tibet Autonomous Region in southwest China registered a bumper grain harvest for the 15th consecutive year in 2002, with total grain output topping 980,000 tons, say statistics from the regional agriculture and animal husbandry bureau.

Financial revenue of Tibet over 600 million yuan until October 2002-11-20
According to departments of Ministry of Finance of the Tibet Autonomous Region, the financial revenue of the Tibet Autonomous Region from January to October this year has reached 637.5 million yuan, up 15.46 percent compared with the same period of last year.

Tibet enjoys best period of development 2002-11-19
The past 13 years have represented Tibet's best period in terms of economic development since its peaceful liberation in the early 1950s, according to data available to the press at the media center of the ongoing 16th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.

'Go West' Boon for Ethnic Groups 2002-11-11
To China's ethnic minority population, the year 2000 is one that will remain significant in their lives.

Structure adjustment improves farmers and herdsmen's income2002-09-23
From this year, Tibet stresses the importance of the increase of farmers and herdsmen's income and makes the structure adjustment an efficient way for the increase of farmers and herdsmen's income.

Housing to Improve for Western China's needy families2002-08-09
Construction of low-rent housing is a priority in western China where the most needy people live in out-of-date, low-quality homes often without tap water or toilet facilities.

Macao chief executive kicks off visit to Inner Mongolia2002-08-08
Chief Executive Edmund Ho Hau Wah of the Macao Special Administrative Region left here Tuesday for a visit to the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in north China, leading a 130-strong business delegation.

Chinese, Japanese experts discussing development of Tibetan medicine2002-07-30
Nearly 80 Japanese medical experts and about 100 Chinese experts in Tibetan medicine gathered here Monday at a seminar to explore ways to promote traditional Tibetan medicine.

European Parliamentary Delegation Starts Visit to Tibet2002-07-10
A 21-member European Parliamentary delegation for relations with China, headed by Elly Plooij-Van Gorsel, arrived in Lhasa Tuesday for a six-day visit to the Tibet Autonomous Region.

China Economy and Trade Committee Arranging Aiding-Tibet Projects2002-07-04
Vice general secretary of China Economy and Trade Committee Shaoning indicates recently that 70 projects have been arranged to aid Tibet and the capital reaches 1,066.2 million yuan.

Seminar on International Cooperation in Tibet Autonomous Region Opened in Beijing2002-06-26
The organization of the seminar is the China International Center for Economica and Technical Exchanges(CICETE).

Tibet Rapidly Developing Yak Industry 2002-05-23
The Tibet Autonomous Region in southwest China is intensifying the development of the yak industry and achieving impressive results.

China Helps Minority Students to Receive Remote Education2002-03-28
Southwest China's Sichuan Province will allocate six million yuan to construct remote education centers in 12 middle schools in three minority autonomous prefectures in 2002, said a senior official Monday in Chengdu.

Ethnic minority lawmakers advocate development, stability policies 2002-03-14
Ethnic minority lawmakers attending the current session of the National People's Congress (NPC) show overwhelming support for the central government's efforts to maintain stability and bolster economic and social development in areas inhabited by ethnic minority people.

Hi-tech industry in China's minority areas attracts venture capital 2002-02-05
With the dive of NASDAQ still unsettling the global economy, far-sighted venture capital investors have been looking at the hi-tech industry developed by China's ethnic groups. Investors say that hi-tech achievements in these fields possess unique value if industrialized.

Gansu Province helps more ethnic minority people shake off poverty 2002-01-14
To date, the inland province of Gansu, northwest China, has helped 1.63 million ethnic minority people out of poverty, with poverty rates among local ethnic people dropping from 86.17 percent in 1982 to 7.67 percent in 2000.

Civil airport for ethnic minority in North China to be constructed2001-12-04
A civil airport is to break ground later this year in Wuhai of north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region to help boost the local economy.

Tibetan Radio Station Broadcasting in Ethnic Minority Language2001-12-02
Qamdo People's Radio Station in southeast Tibet Autonomous Region officially launched a Kangba-language program Saturday morning to give better service to the local people.

West China boosts tourism featuring ethnic culture 2001-11-12
Zhang Xiqin, deputy director of the China National Tourism Administration, said, the development of tourism with distinctive folk customs will help not only the popularization of various ethnic cultures, but also the economic development of China's western region.

China put big money in poverty relief of ethnic minority areas2001-10-22
For poverty relief during the years 1994-2000 China had put a total of 43.25 billion yuan in her predominantly ethnic minority impoverished areas in Inner Mongolia, Guangxi, Tibet, Ningxia and Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in addition to Guizhou, Yunnan and Qinghai Provinces.

Listed companies: Economic backbone of ethnic minorities 2001-09-28
It took some getting used to, but now Chinese are accustomed to seeing TV commercials produced by companies based in China's ethnic minority areas.

Three ethnic prefectures involve in West China development 2001-09-05
Three ethnic minority prefectures which were granted preferential policies equal to west China showed off their feature resources at the 2001 Western Forum, which opened Tuesday in this capital of northwest China's Shaanxi Province.

China to heavily invest in ethnic areas' communication industry2001-06-26
China is to speed up infrastructure construction of communication industry in ethnic minorities' areas in the coming five years. It is expected to complete an investment of 120 billion yuan in fixed assets. And the popularization rate of fixed-line telephones in the ethnic minorities' areas will reach 25 per hundred persons, and of mobile phones, 10 per hundred persons.

More education opportunities for ethnic minorities in Inner Mongolia 2001-03-16
The Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region in north China is succeeding in creating more opportunities for students of ethnic groups to receive quality education in their own languages.

Ethnic Minority Lawmakers Advocate Development, Stability Policies2001-03-14
Ethnic minority lawmakers attending the current session of the National People's Congress (NPC) show overwhelming support for the central government's efforts to maintain stability and bolster economic and social development in areas inhabited by ethnic minority people.

Ethnic minority cppcc members comment on new five-year plan 2001-03-09
These days, ethnic minority members of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), in session here, have been holding heated discussions on Premier Zhu Rongji's report on the Outline of the Tenth Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development (2001-2005).

NPC deputy from ethnic minority group cares schooling for girls 2001-03-05
A deputy to the Ninth National People's Congress (NPC) from an ethnic minority group in northwest China called for more government aid to ensure equal schooling opportunities for rural children, especially rural girls, in her native county.

Ethnic minorities biggest beneficiaries of West China development2001-03-03
China's ethnic minorities will be the biggest beneficiaries of the strategy of developing west China, members of the Ninth Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) National Committee said.

China's largest minority group step up industrialization2000-12-19
The Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, major home for China's largest ethnic minority of Zhuang, has stepped up industrialization.

Every minority nationality has its own college students 2000-11-08
Before the new China was founded in 1949, more than 80 percent of the ethnic minorities were illiterates. But now all the 55 ethnic minorities have their own college students, and some even have postgraduates and doctors.

Xinjiang military help 30,000 ethnic farmers out of poverty2000-08-15
Over the past year and more since the Xinjiang Military Command launched the "Program of Help-the-poor in 100 Villages", more than 30,000 local farmers and herdsmen have adequate food and clothing now.

China to enhance vocational education in ethnic minority regions2000-08-05
The State Ethnic Affairs Commission and the Ministry of Education issued an circular recently, calling for improving vocational education in China's ethnic minority regions.

Kunming hosts China's first ethnic costume expo 2000-07-03
An exposition showing more than 3,000 unique and valuable costumes worn by various ethnic minority groups in China opened on July 2 in this capital of southwest China's Yunnan Province.

Symposium on promoting ethnic minority officials held in Beijing2000-06-26
A symposium on promoting ethnic minority officials opened Monday in Beijing in response to the central government's strategy to develop western China which hosts a large ethnic population.

China to train ethnic minority teachers2000-04-13
The Ministry of Education will provide training to all middle and primary school teachers in poverty-stricken ethnic minority areas in the coming three to five years, a ministry official said April 12.

Development of West to bring great changes to ethnic minorities 2000-03-08
Ma Xiangmei, a woman farmer of Bao'an ethnic group from the northwest, said one of her best wishes was to see improvement in transportation and communication conditions at her home village so that she could arrive in Beijing for the coming sessions of the National People's Congress (NPC) within the matter of a day.

China to Spur Development of Ethnic Minorities 2000-01-12
China plans to accelerate the all-around development of its 22 ethnic minorities with small populations, a senior official in charge of ethnic affairs said Friday, January 12.

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