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Qinghua University supports development in West China


The government of Shaanxi Province in northwest China and the Beijing-based Qinghua University signed an agreement Friday on cooperation in personnel training, industrial upgrading and enterprise's technological innovation.

Under the agreement, Qinghua University will take part in Shaanxi's planning for scientific, technological, economic and social development. It will also provide consulting services for major projects such as the development of the province's pillar industries and regional economic construction.

The university will help improve the technological innovation capacity of enterprises in the province, while conducting academic exchanges and cooperation with research institutes and universities based in Shaanxi.

The agreement also supports Qinghua to use Shaanxi as a base for industrializing its research results and training high-level managers and government workers.

A fund for technological cooperation between Shaanxi and Qinghua will be launched when conditions allow, according to the agreement.


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