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Delegate recovers migrant workers' delayed salaries for free

[2015-03-10 21:13]

Since 2003, Qin's law office has helped some 20,000 farmer-turned workers recover more than 200 million yuan ($32 million) in delayed payments. "Someone called me 'silly' after learning I spend so much time and money helping strangers reclaim their salary," said Qin. "But pursuing justice is my responsibility as a lawyer. The value I realize cannot be measured by cash".

Perseverance proved vital in helping reverse injustice

[2015-03-10 18:22]

Tang Ji, the 58-year-old Xinhua reporter behind the reverse of his conviction, did nine years' tireless and largely unappreciated work to help restore Hugjiltu’s reputation.

One Minute: Moonlighting university president, concerned monk and anti-terrorism law

[2015-03-10 15:44]

Today at the two sessions, monk expresses annoyance at online misinformation, university president admits he moonlights, Beijing integrates surrounding area, and deputy calls for power to disclose government replies.

China faces arduous task of ensuring employment: minister

[2015-03-10 11:05]

About 7.49 million college graduates need to find jobs in 2015 against the backdrop of an economic slowdown, China's human resources minister said.

Grassroots judge carries dream on road

[2015-03-10 14:57]

Just like what Guo Xingli said in his previous speech titled "My dream, my road", promoting the rule of law in remote villages is more than a job for him - it is a lifetime pursuit.

How working at Great Hall changed life of ex-stewardess

[2015-03-10 11:45]

Ten years after her assignment at the Great Hall of the People ended, Wang is now a model, a government employee, and a teacher.

Xi and Li point way for Northeast

[2015-03-10 07:16]

As a gesture symbolizing the central government's commitment to rebuilding the northeast, President Xi and Premier Li attended panel discussions of deputies from the region on Monday.

Long March 6 launch to put new engine to the test

[2015-03-10 02:41]

China will soon conduct the first flight of the Long March 6 launch vehicle using the country's new-generation rocket engine.

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