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Country must work hard to create new cultural classics

[2015-03-04 07:49]

China is lagging behind other countries in the creation of contemporary works that represent the peak of the country's cultural achievements, according to a leading heritage campaigner.

Reluctant celebrity seeks to inspire other young women

[2015-03-04 07:48]

Deputy Rehangul Yimir was watched by 700 million people when she appeared on this year's Spring Festival gala, and many others enjoyed a recent TV drama based on her life story.

Senior official under investigation

[2015-03-03 21:26]

Jing Chunhua, a senior official in north China's Hebei Province, has been put under investigation for "suspected serious discipline and law violations", according to the top anti-graft body on Tuesday.

Fifth lunar probe set for launch

[2015-03-03 17:49]

China is expected to launch the unmanned Chang'e-5, its fifth lunar probe, in South China's Hainan province, a top Chinese space scientist says.

Crime of soliciting underage prostitutes may be abolished

[2015-03-03 17:34]

China's top legislature will study the possibility of abolishing the crime of "soliciting underage prostitutes" after China's top judicial authorities showed support to the move.

Memories of service staff

[2015-03-03 17:03]

Service staff, ranging from police to waiters to doctors, work tirelessly behind the scenes for the success of the two sessions, or the National People’s Congress and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference. Here we look back at the unsung heroes behind conferences in the past.

China's top political advisory body starts annual session

[2015-03-03 15:09]

A total of 14 national political advisors were expelled due to corruption, said Yu Zhengsheng, China's top political advisor in Beijing.

Global media on March 2: What to watch at China's 'two sessions'

[2015-03-03 15:44]

Hong Kong-based The Standard covered several highlights of the CPPCC meeting, including arrival of its members, and a suggestion box placed in every hotel to gather ideas and suggestions during the CPPCC sessions.