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Dalai Lama 'needs to
discuss way forward'

[2015-03-12 07:27]

A senior political adviser urged the Dalai Lama to have a serious discussion with the Chinese government about his future.

Deputy elections come under scrutiny

[2015-03-12 09:05]

The election of deputies must be developed more strictly, in an attempt to ensure they are qualified and diversified, according to a deputy of China's top legislature.

Officials consider visit rule changes

[2015-03-12 07:31]

Regulations covering individual visits to Hong Kong and multiple-entry permits are to be revised to promote contact between tourists from the mainland and the region's residents.

Daily snapshots of 'two sessions' - March 11

[2015-03-12 08:04]

Political advisers read a document at the fourth plenary meeting of the third session of the 12th CPPCC at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on Wednesday.

Foreigners at the 'two sessions' over the years

[2015-03-11 08:30]

Over the years, the foreign envoys and journalists are always a favourite subject for Chinese photographers during the "two sessions".

First spokeswoman shares experience

[2015-03-11 17:37]

The first spokeswoman in the history of China's top legislative body said all questions will be answered and her job was to accurately convey the message of the congress.

One Minute: Grassroots, WeChat and no luxuries in sight

[2015-03-11 15:17]

In today's two sessions, CPPCC lacks grassroots delegates, no luxuries in sight, WeChat is ubiquitous and retirement age to rise gradually.

Lawyer pushes for public disclosure of assets by government officials

[2015-03-11 13:50]

Han Deyun started his law career in 1994, the year when China began to allow private law firms to operate, after quitting his teaching job at a law university in Southwest China's Chongqing municipality.