Australia needs Chinese Dream

By HailChina! (Australia) ( )

Updated: 2013-10-05

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I wish I lived in China where people are more interested in the common good. In China I see calm and sensible 5 year plans. In Australia and the west I see wild and outlandish claims and false promises. It is not surprising that western politician rarely manage to keep their word and make good on their claims and promises.

I blame America for this cold and destructive form of governance. The American Dream is a selfish dream. The American Dream makes people and nations dig their own graves. The American Dream is not sustainable. The American Dream ensures that there are some winners but always many losers.

It wasnt so long ago that Australia was more like China. Australia was very close to being State Capitalist in the 80's. The Australian Government owned all important utilities and managed them in the interest of the common good. Since the 80's we have been slowly Americanized.

Australia must wake up from the American Fantasy and start living the Chinese Dream. Australian culture is more in line with China than America. In Australia we like everyone to have "fair go". Until recently the Australian hero was the "Aussie Battler" . The "Aussie Battler" is the common man.

The Aussie Dream has always been much closer to the Chinese Dream in the past. Australia has lost its way. Budget time is always a reminder of how selfish and Americanized we have become. Australia needs to go back to State Capitalism and follow the lead of the most successful economy China. To follow America into economic ruin is crazy.

The real American Dream is to run up $17 trillion dollars in debt that you never intend to ever pay. And that is not to mention the unspeakable figure that the American Government owes itself in Unfunded Liabilities. America doesnt even bother making a budget most of the time because they know they they never pay their bills anyway. All America ever does is live on credit and rack up more and more debt that will never be paid for. America can do this because they maintain the Reserve Currency and a military that tries to protect the petrodolllar system. The rest of us must actually pay our bills.

Even America cannot sustain the American Dream with all of its unfair advantage. It is only a matter of time before all that ever increasing National Debt destroys the Americans entire way of life. Australia and the rest of the west must look to China and the Chinese Dream if we seek prosperity for all. Westerners must learn that what is good for the nation and fair is good for all. Westerners must stop being so selfish and American.

The Chinese Dream is a dream of prosperity for all. This is sustainabe, sensible and fair. The American Dream is selfish and unsustainable fantasy.


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