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Drivers sue govt for toll charges

( Updated: 2012-04-24 11:24

Dissatisfied with the overcharges on toll roads and bridges in Zhuhai city, Guangdong province, two local residents are taking the provincial price control administration and communication department to court. The case began on Monday, New Express Daily reported.

Early in 2010, lawyer Sun Nong and another resident, Zhou Runfan, learned that the 15-year term on 11 roads and bridges in Zhuhai had expired in 2009 but were still being charged. Along with other residents, they urged the road administration to stop the charges.

The road administration replied in June 2011 that stopping the charges would depend on inspection results and orders from the communication department.

Guangdong Provincial Price Control Administration and Communication Department issued a joint ruling at the end of 2011 that roads and bridges in Zhuhai would continue to be charged following the rules of 2011.

The extended charges "severely infringe on local drivers' rights and interests," said Sun. They filed a lawsuit on Feb 14 demanding the two authorities revoke the rule.

"Whether we will win the case is not the most important thing. We hope to raise the awareness of 300,000 drivers to protect their legal rights," said Zhou after the hearing on Monday. "We are very confident and have 50 percent chance of winning the case."

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