China, UAE issue joint statement on partnership

Updated: 2012-01-18 07:05


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DUBAI - China and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) issued a joint communique in Dubai Tuesday on setting up a relationship of strategic partnership between the two countries.

The statement, issued during Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao's official visit to the UAE, hailed the progress made in bilateral relations.

The document said that the friendly and cooperative relations between China and the UAE have been expanded and enriched continously, bringing benefits not only to the two countries and two peoples, but also to regional and international peace, stability and development.

To further enhance China-UAE relations, and boost friendly cooperation in various fields on a full scale, the two countries have decided to establish a relationship of strategic partnership, and have reached the following consensus:

First, the two sides agreed to increase high-level exchanges of visits, forge closer political consultations between the two foreign ministries, keep consultations and coordination over bilateral ties as well as major regional and international affairs, and deepen the political relations of mutual trust and equality.

Second, China supports the policies and moves taken by the UAE in respect to national sovereignty and territorial integrity, while the UAE backs the one-China policy. Both countries uphold the principles of sovereignty, non-interference in other countries' internal affairs and solving problems by peaceful means.

Third, seeking all-around development of bilateral trade and economic cooperation through making full use of the complementary advantages of the two economies. Making use of the joint commission on economic cooperation and trade to boost trade and economic exchanges. Increasing two-way investments, expanding mutually beneficial cooperation in house building, railway and bridges, telecommunications and in the high-tech fields.

Fourth, establishing a long-term and comprehensive strategic relationship in the energy sector. Governments and enterprises from the two countries are encouraged to sign and implement cooperation agreements on that score.

Fifth, expanding cooperation in the financial areas including banking and securities, among others. A series of efforts, including establishment of branch offices from the two sides and strengthening of coordination and cooperation in the governance of banking and securities as well as personnel training, will be made.

Sixth, conducting bilateral cooperation in customs and taxation with a focus in information exchange and personnel exchanges in order to draw on each others' merits.

Seventh, launching bilateral cooperation in agriculture, forestry, and environmental protection. The two countries will strengthen consultations, coordination each other's ground and learn from each other in such areas as food safety, desertification, sea water desalinization and climate changes.

Eighth, the two nations agreed to promote communications and cooperation in such areas as law-enforcement security, anti-terrorism and crackdowns on crime, to broaden cooperation fields of judical organazations, to establish safe and long-term cooperation mechanism and realize intelligence exchange and technological cooperation

Nineth, China and the UAE agreed to reinforce military exchanges of visits, conduct exchanges between military colleges, and to strengthen cooperation in such aspects as personnel training, technical equipment, military industry and military trade.

Tenth, the two sides agreed to enhance exchange and cooperation in the fields of culture, education, public health, tourism, press, youth, sports and social development, to promote people-to-people exchanges in various areas so as to enhance the understanding and friendship between the two peoples.

Eleventh, China and the UAE vowed to strengthen coordination and cooperation within international organizations to safeguard the interests of both countries.

Tweleveth, establishing certain mechanisms to implement this statement.

The joint statement was signed by China and the UAE in Dubai on Jan 17, 2012.

Premier Wen arrived in the UAE on Monday morning after concluding an official visit to Saudi Arabia. He visited Nepal on Saturday before flying to the Middle East. The trip will also take him to Qatar.