China will provide more aid to street children

Updated: 2011-08-18 18:56


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BEIJING - China has vowed to provide "more pro-active" assistance to street children and severely crack down on crimes involving children, as the country moves to reduce juvenile delinquency and protect the interests of minors.

In a circular posted on its official website,, on Thursday, the State Council, or China's Cabinet, said efforts will be made to help street children return to their guardians and obtain legal assistance if their rights are violated.

Police are required to combat offenses involving minors, including child abduction or trafficking as well as organizing, coercing or deceiving children into begging, said the circular.

Street orphans will be placed in the care of welfare institutions or foster families if their guardians cannot be found, it said.

In a 10-year outline for the development of Chinese children and women (2011-2020) published last week, China listed a lack of protection for street children as one of the challenges facing Chinese children's development.

The Chinese government promised to take serious measures in the next 10 years to combat offenses such as organizing, coercing and deceiving children into theft, begging and prostitution.

The outline also highlighted the importance of protecting children from sexual assault and banning the employment of children under 16.