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Mobile live streaming market to reach 100b yuan by 2020

( Updated: 2016-04-16 10:32

Live Streaming 3.0 is a new era in which people can watch live streaming video anywhere and anytime with their smartphones. They are now planning to stimulate the appetite of the Chinese capital market.

Investors such as Sequoia Capital and Tencent Holdings Ltd have been heavily invested in the market. Some pioneers in the A-share market have also thrown their hats into the industry.

"This year, the live streaming industry is going to witness booming developments," said Xie Chen, a senior analyst at Huachuang Securities Co.

According to Xie, by 2020, the scale of online gaming and online live show markets will reach to 106 billion yuan.

As of Thursday, share price of live streaming concept Bus-Online jumped 40 percent since the company launched its mobile streaming social platform B-Live on March 26.

In addition to raising 68 million yuan from Kunlun Tech Co this January, social live video app inke, who targets at post-90s' users in China, completed its B-Round financing in just three months.

Aside from online streaming platforms, individual Chinese online celebrity -- Papi Jiang, who posts original and funny short videos online, also successfully raised 12 million yuan in venture capital funding.

According to a China International Capital Corp report, smartphones has become the first terminal of video streaming.

"Mobile live streaming becomes the new trend; the proportion of mobile Internet users in China's Internet users increased from 85.8 percent by 2014 to 88.9 percent by 2015; at the same time, the size of China's mobile smart devices rose to 12.8 billion, and accounting for 85 percent of the mobile Internet users, mobile streaming-video users reached 10.9 billion," said China International Capital Corp's report.

China International Capital Corp analyst Meng Wei thinks the expansion of the mobile Internet will changes and development of China's mobile live streaming industry.

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