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Smart interface 'on board'

( Updated: 2014-08-29 16:43

A Beijing technology firm has announced the arrival of a world-first smart keyboard with quad-core Android processor, which will make switching channel between mobile and computer systems easier.

Beijing Acooo Inc debuted the oneBoard, a card computer assembling calculating functions and apps, on Aug 6.

The Android system and apps can be used with a keyboard and a monitor. When the special software and high-performance calculations on a PC are needed, users just press a button on the keyboard and switch to the original PC system, said Yao Zhen, chief executive of the start-up company.

He added that Google has already worked on adapting the X86, a common system for mini-computers, for the Android desktop operating system.

"The desktop operating system should not be radically substituted. We choose a transition approach, an alternative route," Yao said.

Smart interface 'on board' Smart interface 'on board' 
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