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Smart tech shown at CES helps consumers manage busy lives

( Updated: 2014-01-10 18:21


The World's largest technology show is now in full swing in Las Vegas. The 2014 Consumer Electronics Show brings together some of the biggest players in the industry to showcase what they have in store for the future. Smart technology is emerging as a major theme at the conference.

Around every corner, every day objects are getting smarter.

Some more than others, like this rice cooker, which can be turned on by an app when you're on your way home.

Changhong from Sichuan Province, China, is also showing off this air conditioner, which can sense who's standing in front of it, and automatically adjust the temperature to that person's preference.

If you put a fish in this refrigerator, days later it w  ill warn you by voice or text when it's starting to go bad.

There's more.

"Camera, camera, camera, camera. So when you are at the grocery store, you can't remember how many tomatoes you have and you want to make sure to have pasta or something, you can look inside your fridge using your mobile app and you won't waste money and you won't waste time," Joyce Lee from Changhong Electric Co says.

"I would say in the near future we are not even gonna have the term smart devices, because everything will be smart, everything will be connected," Allison Fried from Consumer Electronics Association says.

This smart device from French startup or otherwise known as "Mother," is truly out to nurture.

Through adhesive sensors called motion cookies, Mother can track at least 15 activities from the motion of a pillbox whether you've taken your medicine or from the movement of cookies in your bed, whether you're sleeping enough.

"It knows when you get into your bed, how long you've been in your bed, if you were sleeping or not depending on how long you have spent not moving at all," Rafi Haladjian, CEO of Sen.Se, says.

With all this talk about micromanaging your life and using smart technology to optimize your bodies. Sometimes you just want to use it to have fun. That's where the company Sphero comes in. All I have to do is pick up a smartphone and I can control this little smart robot called device 2B. It moves at 14 feet per second, and is as agile as any remote control car.

These Ozobots also aren't here to educate, but rather to race for the heck of it.

So amidst all the smartness at CES, a few tech companies are still making sure their products add a little fun and color to everyday life.


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