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Japan suppliers fined to protect consumers

[2014-08-21 07:19]

China's antitrust action reflecting its resolve to prevent market leaders from jeopardizing consumer interests through price manipulation.

Japanese auto parts suppliers fined over price monopoly

[2014-08-20 13:20]

A total of 12 Japanese auto parts suppliers have been fined 1.24 billion yuan ($201 million) due to a price monopoly, China's top price regulator confirmed Wednesday.

Antitrust probes 'won't deter investors'

[2014-08-19 07:22]

Antitrust probes into foreign companies in China will not scare away foreign investors despite the inflow of overseas spending in July hitting a two-year low.

Mercedes-Benz found 'guilty' of price fixing

[2014-08-18 10:29]

Official said Mercedes-Benz case is a typical vertical price fixing. It manipulated the prices of spare parts and maintenance on the after-sales market.

Probes prompt call for urgent changes to auto sales rules

[2014-08-18 08:07]

Although the Chinese government launched antitrust investigations of only Audi, Chrysler and 12 Japanese spare parts companies, the move has caused tremors among foreign car brands.

BMW dealers fined 1.6m yuan over price fixing

[2014-08-14 10:27]

Four BMW dealers in Wuhan, Hubei province were the first to be fined by China's anti-monopoly campaign targeting luxury automakers, reported on Wednesday.

Antitrust adviser booted off State committee for violations

[2014-08-14 07:20]

A Chinese antitrust adviser is removed from his position for taking large payments from Qualcomm for his consulting services.

GM China venture contacted by regulators

[2014-08-13 13:37]

Shanghai General Motors said they have been contacted by Chinese anti-monopoly regulators as part of an investigation of the auto industry.

Anti-trust move is fair, not targeted at foreign firms

[2014-08-12 11:10]

Western media commentators seem ready to accuse China of foul play whenever foreign enterprises are concerned.

Tianjin probes collusion among home agents

[2014-08-12 08:40]

Tianjin is investigating whether local real estate agencies have been involved in collusive pricing, amid a wave of antitrust probes against leading foreign technology and vehicle companies.

Anti-monopoly for Chinese consumers' rights: govt

[2014-08-09 14:41]

China's recent wave of antitrust probes does not specifically target foreign multinational enterprises operating.

China car probes aim for fair market: association

[2014-08-09 14:30]

China's ongoing anti-monopoly investigations into foreign auto makers are aimed at building a fair market.

BMW to reduce prices amid antitrust probe

[2014-08-09 07:40]

BMW will cut prices on more than 2,000 components by an average of 20 percent starting next Monday, the Germany-based automaker said.

Audi faces colossal fines for monopoly

[2014-08-08 14:04]

Top executives from FAW-Volkswagen Audi and its dealers from Hubei province were interviewed by China's antitrust regulators on Thursday, 21st Century Business Herald reported.

Japan's carmakers regain market share in China: Fitch

[2014-08-07 09:51]

Japanese automakers continue to enjoy robust volume growth in China, regaining some of the market share lost following a diplomatic dispute over the Diaoyu islands in September 2012.

China car probes mark anti-monopoly war

[2014-08-06 16:22]

China on Wednesday announced that it will punish two auto giants for monopolistic practices, indicating a step up in enforcement of the country's six-year-old Anti-Monopoly Law.

China to punish Chrysler, Audi for anti-trust violations

[2014-08-06 13:45]

Two separate anti-trust probes into Chrysler and Audi have found that the two multinational carmakers have pursued monopolistic practices and will be punished.

China's antitrust body slaps fine on Japanese firms

[2014-08-06 11:34]

China's antitrust agency on Wednesday confirmed that 12 Japanese auto parts and bearings manufacturers have been investigated.

Chrysler, Audi under investigation: report

[2014-08-06 09:29]

Investigations into Chrysler and Audi have found that both automakers have been pursuing monopoly tactics, and they will receive punishment soon.

Mercedes-Benz confirms antitrust investigation

[2014-08-05 14:09]

The German carmaker confirmed that it has been investigated by anti-monopoly officials in China and said it would cooperate with the government.

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