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China consumer confidence rebounds in Q4: Nielsen

By Hu Yuanyuan ( Updated: 2013-01-30 16:33

China consumer confidence rebounded in the fourth quarter after stabilizing in the previous two quarters, as the country's economy improved, but inflation pressure remained low, research from Nielsen showed on Wednesday.

The quarterly consumer confidence index rose to 108 in the fourth quarter - 17 points ahead of the global average, according to the Nielsen's survey. The index had dropped to 105 in the second quarter, from 110 in the first quarter but stabilized at 106 in the third quarter.

Compared with the previous quarter, consumers' willingness to spend remained stable, as the employment outlook and personal financial expectations both slightly increased.

"Although China's economy slowed in 2012, it rebounded in the fourth quarter, boosting consumer confidence," said Yan Xuan, the president of Nielsen Greater China. "The rise of the confidence index in the fourth quarter is a positive signal regarding a rosy economic trend for 2013."

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China consumer confidence rebounds in Q4: Nielsen


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