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New media to play major role in promoting holistic tourism

[2016-03-26 15:03]

Emerging technologies and media platforms could add up to communication tools to promote holistic tourism by telling Chinese stories to the world.

Overseas observers speak highly of Chinese premier's speech at Boao forum

[2016-03-26 11:09]

The keynote speech delivered by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang at the opening ceremony of the 2016 annual conference of the Boao Forum for Asia has put forth a new vision for promoting regional development and revitalizing Asia, overseas observers said Thursday.

Ciming to offer world-class health services in China

[2016-03-26 09:57]

A leading Chinese healthcare company plans to save the long-distance trips by those seeking advanced medical services abroad by bringing in some of the best foreign doctors, medicines and equipment home.

BRICS bank plans to issue first bond in Q2

[2016-03-26 09:54]

The New Development Bank will sell its first bond by the second quarter of this year, the bank's vice-president said.

Economists at regional forum watch China's structural reform rather than growth speed

[2016-03-25 16:30]

Economists and business leaders from Asia and beyond at the ongoing Boao Forum for Asia are closely following China's efforts and progress in economic structural reforms, saying that these are more important than the growth speed.

Decision to join bank in US' hands, says AIIB chief

[2016-03-25 16:10]

The US can take its time deciding whether to join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, said Jin Liqun, president of the China-initiated bank on Friday.

BRICS bank to sell first yuan bond up to $770m

[2016-03-25 14:34]

The New Development Bank (NDB) will sell its first bond, denominated in renminbi, in the second quarter of this year, with a size of $460-767 million.

China makes gains, faces hurdles in extending financial services

[2016-03-25 11:09]

By removing systematic blocks and adopting new technology, China will be able to expand access to financial services to all people, according to experts at the Boao Forum conference.

Premier Li underscores global cooperation while meeting entrepreneurs

[2016-03-25 10:24]

Premier Li Keqiang on Thursday highlighted global cooperation as he reassured entrepreneurs attending Boao Forum for Asia that China's market will stay open.

Chinese premier meets members of BFA board of directors

[2016-03-25 09:48]

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang met with members of the Boao Forum for Asia board of directors, hailing the forum as a platform for countries to open their minds and conduct discussions for innovation and industrial revolution.

More than 30 countries waiting to join AIIB

[2016-03-26 10:30]

There are more than 30 countries waiting to join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, in addition to its 57 founding members, the bank's president said.

Northeastern provinces set for tech boost

[2016-03-25 08:12]

New policies will be introduced soon to support the rejuvenation of traditional industrial hubs in China's northeastern provinces, and to help boost the performances of its listed manufacturing companies.

Boao forum calls for more support in infrastructure

[2016-03-25 08:09]

Panelists attending the annual Boao Forum for Asia called for more investment in infrastructure projects between China and other countries.

Li welcomes foreign help with China transition

[2016-03-25 08:03]

The government welcomes and encourages more participation from overseas enterprises in its economic transition, says Premier Li Keqiang.

Chongqing, Zhoushan favorites as new free trade zones

[2016-03-25 07:48]

Eager to enhance the earning ability of inland regions, China has been keen to support the growth of city clusters in the Yangtze River Economic Belt.

Import surge will boost service trade with developed countries

[2016-03-25 07:24]

Vice-Minister of Commerce Wang Shouwen said China will import more service business from the US, as its services market is mature and advanced.

Manufacturers in China urged to think smarter

[2016-03-25 07:13]

Only 20 percent of companies are constructing smart manufacturing systems and even fewer have extended the scope to value chain integration.

Li calls for financial cooperation

[2016-03-25 02:25]

Premier Li Keqiang urged Asian economies on Thursday to enhance economic and financial cooperation and dialogue to ward off potential risks and contribute to world economic recovery.

Confidence, patience needed in understanding Chinese economy: Aussie economist

[2016-03-24 17:29]

When understanding Chinese economy, people should have more patience and confidence as the fundamental elements of the world's second largest economy are still strong.

Premier Li stresses livelihood improvement at Boao Forum

[2016-03-24 16:10]

Premier Li Keqiang on Thursday highlighted the improvement of people's livelihood in areas including employment, education, medical care, old-age care and housing.

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