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Enterprises are major market players and carriers of Belt and Road Initiative: Cai Fang

( Updated: 2015-10-15 16:05

Enterprises are major market players and carriers of Belt and Road Initiative: Cai Fang

Cai Fang delivers a speech. [Photo provided to]

In the morning of October 13, 2015, The "One Belt One Road" China-Pakistan economic corridor -- International Entrepreneur Training Course which was jointly held by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Research and Development International, Tsinghua Real Estate CEO Chamber of Commerce, China-Pakistan Institute, and International Green Economy Association, opened with a fresh start. Cai Fang, as a member of the National People's Congress Standing Committee the Agriculture and Rural Committee member, the vice-president of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and deputy chair of the CASS-RDI leading committee, delivered a keynote speech at the open ceremony, and elaborated in depth on the significant roles and cooperative mechanism of enterprises and think tanks in the "One Belt and One Road" initiative.

As pointed by Cai Fang, enterprises are the major market players and carriers in the development of "One Belt One Road" initiative, and entrepreneurship represents the pursuit of the times. In the implementation of "One Belt and One Road" Initiative, enterprises and entrepreneurs are undertaking important missions. The implementation of "One Belt One Road" Initiative, creates rare historic opportunities for the "Going Global" strategy of domestic enterprises and enterprise cooperation between different countries. Chinese and foreign entrepreneurs shall inherit the ancient Silk Road spirit, proactively involve themselves in the trend of the epoch, bring along cultural and educational, scientific exchanges with economic and trade cooperation, invigorate open economic development, and create benefit for countries and people along the route.

Cai Fang expressed that the meaning of "Going Global" is significant, since it is a stringent process of learning, adjustment and exploration. Entrepreneurs of various countries shall learn local political and economic conditions, investment environment, legal environment and standards, and foster development of expertise and human resources; the governments shall provide policy support for enterprises "going out", etc. The arduous mission is should be undertaken by all parties.

Cai Fang introduced that, in order to better serve the development of "One Belt and One Road ", CASS-RDI features a new model of think tank platform, which works practically, professionally and efficiently, and provides holistic intellectual support and comprehensive services, in order to facilitate enterprise coordination and resolves problems and difficulties enterprises encounter in the participation of "One Belt and One Road" development, and to further reiterate the fundamental importance of the market.

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