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Newly-opened share accounts in China hit 8 years high

(Xinhua) Updated: 2015-03-25 11:09

SHANGHAI -- More people in China rushed to open trading accounts in the week ending March 20, as the stock markets restarted a bull run.

About 1.14 million yuan denominated A-share trading accounts were opened between March 16 and 20, the China Securities Depository and Clearing Co Ltd said in a statement on Tuesday.

This is a week-on-week increase of 58 percent, the highest since May 2007. There were 31.2 million investors making transactions, a 34 percent week-on-week increase.

In the first three trading weeks of the month, 2.52 million new A-share trading accounts were opened as investors made the most of policy easing measures.

By March 20, 55.1 million investors held A shares.

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