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Trust companies get new guidelines from CBRC

By Jiang Xueqing ( Updated: 2014-08-14 14:39

China Banking Regulatory Commission has issued the draft of guidelines on the rating and classified regulation of trust companies, China Business News reported on Thursday. It is the first adjustment to the guidelines since 2010.

The banking regulator will rate trust companies in terms of risk, asset and compliance managements, and classify companies at six different levels. The results of the rating will impact CBRC's regulatory planning for trust companies, allocation of regulatory resources, and corresponding regulatory measures, the Shanghai-based newspaper reported.

A trust company's ability to manage its reputation as part of asset management will be assessed along with other aspects such as the management of investor and public relations, and brand building.

Financial industry insiders said the new guidelines would polarize trust companies. Those with high ratings will receive strong support from policies whereas those with low ratings will be in danger of suspension of business or even become a target for acquisition.

Trust companies get new guidelines from CBRC Trust companies get new guidelines from CBRC
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