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Wuhan to build unmanned aerial vehicle production base

By Meng Fanbin ( Updated: 2012-11-08 08:34

Wuhan, capital of Hubei province, will be home to the biggest unmanned aerial vehicle production base, Hubei Daily reported on Wednesday.

The base will be jointly built by Wuhan Visiontek Inc and Carbon-Based Technology Inc from Taiwan, and will cost 100 million yuan ($16.01 million). The production base will manufacture unmanned aerial vehicles for city flying.

The two sides did not give details of the cooperation because of business confidentiality.

The drones produced on this base will be mainly used for low attitude photographic surveys. At present, China’s maps are drawn by navigation satellite, and the shooting accuracy is generally accurate within meters.

However, if drone photography was used, the shooting accuracy may be within centimeters to make the three-dimensional city maps.

Photographic survey drones are mainly produced by the United States, Israel and China’s Taiwan province.

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