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Over 40 percent dissatisfied with China's pensions

(Xinhua) Updated: 2014-02-22 20:52

BEIJING -- China's current pension systems differ substantially between government, institutions and enterprises and 41.3 percent of netizens are dissatisfied by this condition.

A survey by the China Youth Daily reviewed 50,000 pieces of information randomly picked from 32.1 million submissions to the newspaper from January 1 to February 21 this year.

The results show 25.5 percent of netizens believe the country must shoulder the heavy responsibility of solving the problems of elder care.

Zhou Haiwang, of the Shanghai Municipal Academy of Social Sciences, explained that the big differences between pensions from government organs, institutions and enterprises had been widely criticized.

While narrowing the gap should be the direction of pensions development, that does not mean everyone will receive the same amount of money, Zhou added.

The number of seniors above 60 has surpassed 200 million, 14.9 percent of the total population.

The survey showed nearly 30 percent believe that elderly care should be carried out jointly by the government, society and enterprises at large.

Over 40 percent dissatisfied with China's pensions

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Over 40 percent dissatisfied with China's pensions

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