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AVIC's program will help the next generation of engineers

(Xinhua) Updated: 2015-11-09 09:46

Since childhood, Morris Gatobu knew his calling was in engineering.

While in high school, the 24-year-old Kenyan devoted immense energy to mathematics and science subjects in order to clinch this coveted discipline in college.

Born in a rural family of modest means, Gatobu knew that a good education, hard work and commitment to noble ideals would open numerous opportunities later in life.

Currently, a third-year mechanical engineering student at Meru Technical Training Institute, Gatobu is convinced his profession will remain a prized asset in Kenya as the country charts a new economic pathway.

Gatobu and his two friends represented Meru Technical Training Institute at the month-long Africa Technology Challenge sponsored by the Chinese company AVIC International.

Part of a large group of Kenyan students, the trio took part in the technology boot camp that involved intensive training on the use of modern industrial machines by Chinese experts.

After preparing extensively for the challenge, Gatobu beat his highly talented rivals to emerge the overall winner of the second edition of Africa Technology Challenge.

Last month, AVIC announced cash rewards and scholarship schemes for Gatobu and the other winners.

"I feel honored to be among a select group of Kenyan students who participated in the Africa Technology Challenge," he said.

"The training was very challenging but rewarding too. We honed our skills and I now feel confident about contributing to the country's industrialization," he added.

His group received a $3,000 cash prize from AVIC for their prowess in operating state-of-the-art industrial machines.

Gatobu is also among the three Kenyan students who secured a scholarship from AVIC to pursue further studies in China next year.

Besides acquiring new skills at the boot camp, he also learnt critical virtues such as commitment, team work, sacrifice and hard work.

His interaction with Chinese experts not only refined his world views but also improved his appreciation of people from a different cultural background.

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