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Xi's trip to 'chart course' for ties

[2015-09-11 07:18]

President Xi Jinping and his United States counterpart President Barack Obama will "further chart the course of the China-US relationship" during Xi's first state visit to the US later this month.

China-US relations 'gain momentum'

[2015-09-11 06:59]

State Councilor Yang Jiechi looks ahead to President Xi Jinping's landmark state visit to the US this month and his attendance at a series of UN gatherings as the global body marks its 70th anniversary.

Dialogue, cooperation prevail in Sino-US relations: FM spokesperson

[2015-09-10 23:31]

Dialogue and cooperation are the main trends in Sino-US relations, said a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson in response to a US poll revealing that some Americans are concerned about China's rising power.

Bilateral diplomatic effort

[2015-09-10 09:33]

The Fourth US-China Training Program for Afghan diplomats started in Washington on Wednesday.

China, US vow stronger climate change cooperation

[2015-09-09 21:23]

Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli met with Brian Deese, senior advisor to US President Barack Obama, agreeing to cooperate more closely to address climate change.

US-China economic cooperation calls for political vision

[2015-09-09 18:53]

The recent roller coaster rides of Chinese and US stock markets rattle investors, but should not dampen their enthusiasm in economic cooperation.

Expert: In Xi's visit, mutual trust a must

[2015-09-09 15:49]

The coming state visit of President Xi Jinping to the US and his meeting with his US counterpart President Barack Obama will be a milestone and mutual trust will be the biggest issue and may be the largest contribution Xi's visit can make, said Ezra Vogel, a professor emeritus of the Asia Center at Harvard University.

Mutual trust a must for Xi's visit: Expert

[2015-09-09 12:22]

Mutual trust will be the biggest issue at the upcoming meeting of President Xi Jinping with his US counterpart President Barack Obama.

Sino-US friendship should be carried on

[2015-09-08 13:18]

History has laid the foundation for our continued friendship and cooperation. Let us forge ahead, and put forth a joint, sustained push for world peace and prosperity.

US should shoulder responsibility to help refugees and restore order

[2015-09-08 09:07]

It is the local people who take the brunt of failed "democratization", instead of enjoying the fruits of the US-led revolutions.