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Four major meetings between Xi and Obama since 2013

[2015-09-16 07:01]

Later this month, Xi will pay his first state visit to the US since he took office in 2013. Here are four major meetings between Xi and Obama since 2013.

Cyber security should become highlight of China-US co-op, not contradiction focus

[2015-09-15 21:32]

Against the backdrop of Chinese President Xi Jinping's upcoming visit to the United States, there is little doubt that cyber security would be a hot topic.

US should give up its hegemony in cyberspace

[2015-09-15 08:16]

Cybersecurity is expected to top the agenda of the meetings between President Xi and his US counterpart Barack Obama.

Kissinger: Xi a man of great determination, China-US cooperation promising

[2015-09-14 11:16]

Calling Xi a man of great determination, Kissinger looked forward to a consensus reached by both China and US that the two countries need to work in cooperation and apply this conclusion to a number of concrete issues during Xi's visit.

US and China are obliged to work together: Dr Kissinger

[2015-09-13 21:40]

Ahead of President Xi Jinping's visit to the US, Henry Kissinger says he hopes that both countries will work together to solve problems.

China, US reach important consensus on cyber security

[2015-09-13 09:51]

Against the backdrop of frequent incidents and ever-increasing security threats in cyberspace, it is important for China and US to enhance mutual trust.

China aids fight against warming

[2015-09-12 09:00]

China and the United States should strengthen cooperation on technology transfers to cope with global warming, China's special representative on climate change issues said on Friday.

US rebuked over hacking remarks

[2015-09-12 08:25]

Beijing rebuked Washington's accusations of Chinese hacking on Friday, with Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei calling them "groundless".

China urges US to stop 'groundless accusations' about cyber attacks

[2015-09-11 21:03]

China on Friday urged the US to stop its "groundless accusations" of cyber attacks, saying cyber security should be an area of cooperation rather than a source of frictions.

US, China could enjoy better cybersecurity ties

[2015-09-11 07:40]

The US alleges China is engaged in an unceasing and highly successful cyber espionage campaign against the United States, its government and economic interests.