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Xi's US visit to enhance mutual trust: experts

[2015-09-21 15:45]

One of the main areas of concern to be addressed this week as part of Chinese President Xi Jinping's trip to the US will be trust.

Preview to President Xi Jinping's visit to US

[2015-09-21 14:12]

Xi's visit comes at a critical moment as China and the US are facing challenges in their relationship.

China-US ties 'limited only by imagination': ex-Australian PM

[2015-09-19 18:52]

As the world awaits Chinese President Xi Jinping's first state visit to Washington, former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said current China-US relations are positive and limited only by imagination.

How US leaders, public view the Chinese president

[2015-09-19 15:47]

Chinese President Xi Jinping has become an influential figure among US politicians, academia and the business world, owing to his extraordinary charisma and personality.

Foreign media welcome, Xi says

[2015-09-19 06:24]

China "will continue its attitude of openness toward foreign media", President Xi Jinping told visiting media mogul Rupert Murdoch on Friday.

Promoting the landscapes of China

[2015-09-18 14:10]

National Geographic Society and International Data Group will hold exhibitions in the United States on Chinese culture, nature and people.

First Chinese 'Red Notice' fugitive repatriated from US

[2015-09-18 13:18]

Yang Jinjun, a Chinese corruption suspect at large for 14 years, is the first fugitive sent back from the United States since China published a list of 100 most-wanted economic fugitives abroad in April.

China committed to building major-power relations with US: Xi

[2015-09-18 07:17]

President Xi Jinping says a new type of major-power relationship will be good for the people of both countries, as well as for world peace and development.

FM official: Xi's US visit to achieve rich cooperation

[2015-09-17 21:42]

Chinese President Xi Jinping's coming visit to the United States will achieve rich results in a wide range of areas as the two countries seek to expand cooperation.

China will work with US on hacking, defend its interests

[2015-09-17 15:50]

China opposes Internet attacks and wants to work with the US in cyberspace but will defend its interests, says a senior Chinese official.