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Seattle lays down welcome mat for Xi

[2015-09-23 06:51]

China does not steal commercial secrets in any form, nor does it encourage or support domestic companies engaging in such practices, President Xi Jinping said.

Chinese president lands in Seattle, kicking off US state visit

[2015-09-23 06:38]

Chinese President Xi Jinping kicked off his first state visit to the United States in West Coast city Seattle on Tuesday, a landmark trip aimed at building up trust and stepping up cooperation between the world's two biggest economies.

President Xi interviewed by Wall Street Journal

[2015-09-22 18:30]

Ahead of his first official state visit to the US, President Xi provided written answers to questions submitted by The Wall Street Journal. Here are the highlights of his answers.

Who accompanies president on foreign visits, how are they selected?

[2015-09-22 15:51]

Ever wondered how large the entourage that accompanies the president on state visit is? Who are selected to accompany him? Who will ride on the same plane with Xi? Here are the answers to all your queries.

President Xi leaves for US visit, UN summits

[2015-09-22 14:31]

President Xi Jinping leaves Tuesday for his first state visit to the United States, with talks on some key sectors between the two countries the main focus.

Washington sets good example for bilateral relations

[2015-09-22 13:10]

When President Xi Jinping visits the United States this week to meet with President Obama in Washington, a key question they will face is what kind of model can best guide the relationship between these two powerful countries. Can the dominant world power and an emerging new superpower find room to co-exist without the need for conflict or war?

Iowa governor ready to greet Xi

[2015-09-22 13:04]

For Terry Branstad, the Republican governor of Iowa, Xi Jinping's state visit to the U.S. is a renewal of the friendship between the Chinese President and the people of Iowa.

Ties that bind: Seattle's links with China

[2015-09-22 12:59]

Seattle has deep relations with China and links US with China as a moajor city visited by Chinese former leaders Deng Xiaoping, Jiang Zemin and Hu Jintao.

Seattle welcomes Xi to 'homecoming'

[2015-09-22 12:54]

Seattle will be the first stop as Chinese President Xi Jinping and his delegation visit the United States starting from Sept 22.

Xi someone you can trust: Kuhn

[2015-09-22 12:53]

Robert Lawrence Kuhn, author of popular books about Chinese leaders, said Chinese President Xi Jinping is someone Americans can trust.