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Obama welcomes Chinese President Xi for state visit with 'Nihao'

[2015-09-25 21:23]

US President Barack Obama welcomed Chinese President Xi Jinping and first lady Peng Liyuan at the White House for an official state visit.

Xi eyes on trust at Blair House

[2015-09-25 17:35]

President Xi Jinping stated China's commitment to building greater trust with the US and foreign investors when he met with US President Barack Obama on Thursday evening at Blair House, the state guest house in Washington DC.

China says it's willing to cooperate with US on cybersecurity

[2015-09-25 15:11]

China will cooperate with the United States on cybersecurity, but it must be based on principles of mutual benefits, mutual respect and equality, said a spokesman for China's Foreign Ministry.

Xi, Obama head for talks at private dinner

[2015-09-25 09:43]

The private dinner, scheduled for two hours, extended to about three hours, with people around the event saying the two leaders explored many issues.

Historical photos of Chinese, American leaders' meets

[2015-09-25 09:29]

East meet west in history: old photos of Chinese and American leaders.

Wide-ranging speech resonates with listeners

[2015-09-25 08:02]

President Xi Jinping's speech in Seattle on Tuesday was widely applauded by opinion leaders in the United States.

More candor and mutual trust called for at Internet forum

[2015-09-25 08:02]

Mutual trust, less suspicion and more candid talk should be the ingredients to help China and the United States seek common ground and solve difficult problems when it comes to the Internet, said industry players, government officials and scholars at the US-China Internet Industry Forum on Wednesday in Redmond, Washington.

President Xi welcomed by Obama as he arrives in Washington DC

[2015-09-25 07:45]

Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived in Washington Thursday to meet with his US counterpart Barack Obama and other US political leaders as part of his first state visit to the United States.

China, US seal defense agreements

[2015-09-25 06:47]

China and the United States have signed annexes to two agreements regarding major military operations and naval and air force encounters.

What will China's first lady do during the US visit?

[2015-09-25 06:28]

Xi Jinping kicked off his state visit to the United States on Tuesday and as well as the president the global media will also focus on the woman at his side.