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High hopes voiced for Xi's trip to US

[2015-09-08 08:37]

President Xi Jinping's state visit to the US later this month will produce fruitful results, according to China's Ambassador to the United States Cui Tiankai.

Xi's visit a chance for Obama to make history

[2015-09-08 08:01]

President Xi Jinping's visit offers his counterpart an opportunity to make a course correction in the US' most important foreign relationship.

Xi's visit will be a success: Ambassador Cui Tiankai

[2015-09-07 11:28]

Chinese Ambassador to the United States Cui Tiankai believes the upcoming state visit to the US by President Xi Jinping will be a success.

Envoy hails New York resolutions

[2015-09-04 11:58]

The Chinese Consul General in New York said that although business-to-business and government-to-government relations are critical, the core and foundation of sound bilateral China-US relations is the people-to-people connection.

This could be a Sino-American century

[2015-09-03 08:06]

I believe this could be the Sino-American century, a unique bilateral cooperation of partners that sometimes agree to disagree.

Easy Talk Special: Americans' perspective on China and Japan

[2015-09-02 18:19]

In this episode of Easy Talk Special, we interviewed several Americans on the street to see how much they know about issues related to China and Japan. Let's find out if they know the War of Resistance, and do they care about the V-Day Parade?

China and US working closely on every major issue: Envoy

[2015-09-02 08:06]

This cooperation is not only out of good will, but also out of fundamental interests of both countries, says China's ambassador to the US.

Senior US official to visit China on important bilateral issues

[2015-09-01 09:07]

The US Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs Daniel Russel will visit Beijing in Sept, discussing bilateral issues with Chinese counterparts.

China, US should overcome headwinds, manage differences

[2015-08-29 15:17]

Despite differences and occasional frictions, China and the United States should effectively manage discords and minimize their impact on bilateral ties, which are of critical importance to both countries and the world as a whole.

US hopes Xi's visit to be a 'milestone'

[2015-08-29 07:17]

Washington hopes to see President Xi Jinping's upcoming visit to the United States become "a milestone" in relations, said US National Security Advisor Susan Rice during a Beijing trip.