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Dialogue, cooperation prevail in Sino-US relations: FM spokesperson


Updated: 2015-09-10 23:31:40


BEIJING - Dialogue and cooperation are the main trends in Sino-US relations, said a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson on Thursday in response to a recent US poll revealing that some Americans are concerned about China's rising power.

Due to differences in history, culture, social systems and development levels, China and the United States inevitably hold different views on certain issues, Hong said at a daily press briefing

"But the common interests between China and the United States far outweigh the differences. Dialogue and cooperation are always the main current in bilateral relations," Hong said.

A new poll released by the Pew Research Center on Wednesday said that the American public continues to be concerned about a number of China-related issues, including cybersecurity, economics and trade and China's rising power.

Hong said Sino-US relations are developing steadily as the two sides build a new model of major-country relations based on the consensus reached by both presidents.

Hong said that China sticks to a path of peaceful development. China's development provides opportunities to the United States.

Sino-US economic and trade relations are mutually beneficial, Hong added.

China is willing to boost exchanges between the two peoples and enhance mutual understanding to strengthen the foundation of public opinion, he said.