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Yao urges return to playing sports for joy

Former NBA star Yao Ming is urging society to let sport return to its original function of bringing joy to children.

Yao Ming marches into PE market

2012-08-20 21:04

A little star power seemed to be badly needed to revive the Shanghai Composite Index on Monday, when the gauge closed at 2,112.20 points.

Yao charms Kenyans with height on conservancy mission

2012-08-18 14:35

China's celebrated sportsman Yao Ming was the star guest at a media conference where he warmed the heart of his audience that included journalists and conservationists.

Shark-fin industry comments stir debate

2012-08-17 21:43

The shark-fin industry’s defense last month of shark fishing has drawn ridicule from many Chinese netizens.

Yao Ming in anti-poaching campaign in Africa

2012-08-17 15:52

Retired Chinese basketball great Yao Ming is on his first tour of Africa to shoot a documentary titled The End of Wild aimed at putting the lid on poaching.

Yao in Africa in anti-poaching campaign

2012-08-16 15:07

Retired Chinese NBA player Yao Ming stands by the remains of an elephant in an elephant habitat in Kenya on Aug 13.

China's 1st NBA player bids farewell to last Olympics

2012-08-07 21:39

Wang Zhizhi ended his fourth Olympic journey after China was eliminated from the London Olympic Games on Monday without winning a match.

China out of contention in basketball

2012-08-05 10:01

China lost to Brazil 98-59 for their fourth consecutive defeat on Saturday and they were out of the contention of the knock-out stage of the men's basketball competition.

Yao supports Ye Shiwen and BWF's decision

2012-08-05 09:51

Yao Ming said swimmer Ye Shiwen deserves respect from the Americans and the decision of the Badminton World Federation is a lesson to the Chinese team.

China's flag-bearer should be tall, famous, says official

2012-07-24 21:01

A top sports official said on Tuesday that China's flag-bearer in the Olympic opening ceremony will be "tall, handsome and famous."

Yao teams with NBA

2012-07-16 07:54

Yao Ming and NBA China announced on Friday a broad and comprehensive partnership to further basketball participation, develop youth basketball, promote cultural exchange and conduct social responsibility programs in China.

Retired Yao still at the center

2012-06-25 10:37

Yao Ming, retired Chinese basketball player, smiles as he watches a China-Serbia basketball game from the sideline in Kunshang, East China's Jiangsu province, June 24, 2012.

Custom-made club for Yao Ming

2012-06-21 17:41

Yao Ming received a specially made club at a press conference in Shanghai for the Mission Hills World Celebrity Pro-Am golf tournament, June 20, 2012.

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