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Yao urges return to playing sports for joy

Former NBA star Yao Ming is urging society to let sport return to its original function of bringing joy to children.

Yao Ming turns anti drink driving movie model

2013-08-26 17:08

Retired basketball great Yao Ming has collaborated with the world's largest beer producer to launch a short film warning against the dangers of drunk driving.

A game Chinese hoopsters are bound to lose

2013-08-20 01:12

Chinese basketball has found itself in hot water after a humiliating loss by the national team at the recent Asian Championship in Manila. Yao urges return to playing sports for joy

Yao dreams of sports for fun with towering charity

2013-08-14 21:20

Retired Chinese basketball legend Yao Ming said he hopes that playing sports will be simply for fun someday. "Sports now means too much beyond itself.

Yao Ming's towering charity

2013-08-14 20:05

Former NBA star Yao Ming launches his three day charity basketball event at Hope Primary School Basketball Season in West Anhui University in Lu'an city, Anhui province.

Yao Ming, McGrady team up for charity

2013-07-02 08:19

All proceeds from ticket revenue for the charity game themed "All For Children" will go to the Yao Foundation Hope Primary School Basketball Season.

Yao among Rockets big names to attract Howard to Houston

2013-07-02 07:38

Houston Rockets showed its desire for Dwight Howard by sending a elite group to Los Angeles to talk with the free agent, and former Rockets All Star center Yao Ming also helped to attract Howard.

Stars answer Yao's call

2013-07-01 18:33

From simply a player on court to a player behind the scenes, Yao Ming has been enjoying his transition into charity organizer.

Basketball carnival to support Yao Foundation charity game

2013-07-01 16:45

NBA China announced it will host the inaugural NBA Cares - Yao Foundation Charity Carnival for fans on July 1 in support of the Yao Foundation Charity Game.

Yao stresses transparency in charity

2013-07-01 01:16

Despite his fading personal influence and the public's growing suspicion of the credibility of charities, Yao is determined to carry out his charitable commitment.

Shanghai looks for next sports icons

2013-05-25 08:42

Yao Ming has retired. Liu Xiang has an injured Achilles tendon and his future is up in the air, so who will be the next sporting superstar from Shanghai?

Yao Ming, Sharks on friendly visit in Manila

2013-05-06 15:17

Yao Ming and his Shanghai Sharks basketball team are in Manila on a friendly visit, local media reported.

NBA to help in quake relief efforts in China

2013-04-25 17:23

NBA announced Thursday that NBA teams and players will donate one million yuan ($162,000) to support earthquake relief efforts in Southwest China.

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