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Yao urges return to playing sports for joy

Former NBA star Yao Ming is urging society to let sport return to its original function of bringing joy to children.

CPPCC celebrity members create buzz

2014-03-03 22:02

Retired Chinese basketball superstar Yao Ming, top, also a member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), China's top political advisory body, arrived for the opening of the 2nd Session of the 12th National Committee of the CPPCC at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on March 3, 2014.

Yao encourages physical education reform

2014-02-27 14:01

The Ministry of Education held a seminar on physical education reform at the school ahead of the two sessions, Feb 26, 2014.

Sports stars want new schools

2014-02-26 02:20

Citing the importance of education, sports celebrities in China are trying to reshape the traditional State-run sports cultivating system by establishing their own schools.

Yao Ming, NBA join hands to foster young Chinese

2014-02-22 21:34

The first course of the NBA Yao School – a program devoted to youth development on and off the basketball court – kicked off on Saturday.

Yao Ming shares his innovation experience

2013-10-31 10:34

Yao Ming shares his innovation experience

NBA-Yao Foundation Primary School unveiled in Sichuan

2013-11-04 20:36

Li Ming, an 11-year-old pupil in the NBA-Yao Foundation Primary School in Hefeng, Sichuan province, was excited on Nov 4 as she sat next to former NBA star Yao Ming.

Yao, NBA to open training school for teens

2013-10-16 00:36

China's tallest entrepreneur, basketball club owner and political adviser has added another hat, as the operator of a training facility to encourage youth sports participation.

Yao Ming decides not to use Asian player

2013-09-11 16:44

Shanghai Sharks owner Yao Ming has decided not to recruit Asian player for the new Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) season.

Hops and hoops join forces to spread message

2013-09-10 07:01

Yao Ming's participation in a new campaign highlights his commitment to responsible drinking.

Yao Ming courts new role

2013-09-10 18:07

China's tallest entrepreneur, basketball club owner and political adviser now has put on a new hat, as designated driver.

Anti-graft campaign is good news for sharks

2013-09-02 09:07

Conservationists have attributed the dwindling demand for shark fins in China to the country's crackdown on corruption, which has led to a decline in lavish banquets, at which shark fin soup is often served.

Yao to raise money for quake victims

2010-04-15 09:46

Houston Rockets star Yao Ming has set up a hotline to help North American Chinese residents reach family and friends in China following a series of earthquakes there.

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