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China Daily, 35 years on: my memories

By aixi ( Updated: 2016-04-18 10:51

Third of all, one of my favorite things about China Daily is that there are always articles that are made up of simply photos and captions of China and its special areas. For example, I recently read (also on WeChat): Photos | Time-tripping steam train is SW China. This article was made up of breathtaking photos of a steam train using the same steam engines as used in the 1950s. The pictures were quite heartbreaking as you saw the quality of the old steam trains, and many locals from small villages boarding this steam train. China Daily is able to show a contrast between the modernization and rural areas of China, as shown here:

China Daily, 35 years on: my memories

China Daily, 35 years on: my memories
Another example of an article with photos and captions is, Photos | Discover Beautiful China in Spring Blossom. This article was made up of simply gorgeous photos of China during spring.
China Daily, 35 years on: my memories
China Daily, 35 years on: my memories
There are many more such types of great articles in China Daily including forums, news, and more.

There was an article about China Daily 35 years on: your memories in my China Daily WeChat version as well, with information about how to participate and the requirements. Interested in what people from all over the world had to say about China Daily and this writing competition, I was reading the comments below to see what people loved about China Daily. I saw the comment, "China Daily always helps improve my English level. Thank you China Daily!" Someone else wrote, "It is a great opportunity to express our views and share ideas with followers." China Daily influences so many people in so many ways!

Thank you China Daily, for changing my view on Chinese culture, beauty, and China forever! You taught me and showed me so much. Thank you for everything China Daily, and I can't wait for the years to come that China Daily will grow!

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